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    Cool Yet another new guy

    Hi there everyone. I'm an emt/dispatcher with AMR, although my sympathies lie with Public EMS. i've been in ems for 21 years in both a paid and vilunteer capacity. Hope to be in contat with some of you soon.

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    WELCOME RICKYEMD!! Glad to have you on line with us

    Because HE lives I can face tomorrow

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    HI RICKYEMD, We used to run with AMR but for some reason they didn't last long, politics probably.
    WE still have a private ambulance service because they "0" bid to get the contract but they had a couple of serious incidents of delayed response and getting lost. So who does a municipality turn to when somebody makes a mess? RIIIIGHT!! Every medical response gets a fire vehicle(usually a pumper) With EMT's because NOBODY knows the highways and byways like we do!!

    Good Luck and be careful out there,EXJAKE:-)

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