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    Talking C.D.L license

    It has come up inconversation (in my vol. dept.) as to if we should get a c.d.l or not. To drive the fire apparatus. It is said that we are leaders and not followers but other dept. in my area allready reqiure it, to drive. Looking for pro's & con's would apprieciate all literature you have on topic.


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    Here in Colorado, all Emergency Service personell are exempt from C.D.L. requirements.It is a good idea to have a C.D.L., but tough to require of volunteers. We are all volunteer so most of the members don't have a C.D.L. Our district has a rule stating that the most Qualified person will drive the rig. Our qualifications include a C.D.L at the top of the list.

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    Our department is requiring us to get CDL's for the trucks that require it. In NH, we aren't required by the state to have one, but it's becoming a real gray area as far as insurance coverage is concerned. We are doing it more to make sure we don't have a problem with insurance in the future, more than it being required. The requirements will probably get tougher in the future- wouldn't be a bad idea to start planning for it now before it becomes a legal requirement.

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    This topic has been posted for sometime under Emergency Vehicle Operations. Check there for additional info.

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