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    Post Station alerting system?

    I was jsut wondering how other companies' (paid and volunteer) stations are alerted. In the case of vollies, i mean the firehouse itself, not the firefighters. Is there a house watch desk, some one has to sit at and manually ring the hosue alarm after hearing a call on the radio? Do you tones turn on all the lights and set off a bell? Does a direct phone line ring?
    I'll go first. At my volunteer station, when the tones go off, the vent fans in the engine room automatically go on. The fire siren on the room is pre- connected, but in deference to local residents had been turned off for the time being. No alarm rings inside the station. So unless you are listening to the radio (which is piped throughout the station) you could easily not realize there is a call.

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    We have a 24-hour dispatcher. The "hot-phone" rings a distinctive buzz and then the dispatcher tones us out on our pagers. Sometimes people dial 911 and then the County dispatchers alert our dispatcher and it goes from there.

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    we use what we call an AAS system. It's part of the pager system that is operated by the central com center(cops).just as they would activate the pagers for either the paid or calkl personell,the dothe same for station alert. we are currently using a VHF pager wired into the station inter com system. while I'am not exactly sure of details it also is wired to turn on the nite lites thru a relay of some sort.when the AAS is activated it gives us the meesage and after about 1 min. it resets. thru a different set of speakers we can listen to ours or any other towns radio traffic depending on the
    channel it"s set to

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    Being a volunteer service we rely on paging system through the County Dispatch. When we are paged either the station siren blows or during nighttime hours we have bells that ring in the station instead of the siren. It is a either or situation we started that after being in the station working and not hearing the pagers go off due to noise. The neighbors appreciate the bells after hours so we don't disturb them.

    Les Hartford


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    At my full-time dept., we have a firefighter in the watchroom at all times to answer 911 and hit the traps and bells, the bells go next door to the police station to let them know we are going out. Police dispatch then answers our 911 calls until we get back.
    At my part-time dept. the community next to us handles our dispatching, so when there is a call it is sent by pager to everyone, and a call on the radio to the station.

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    We are part of the E-911 system. 911 calls are received at police central dispatch. Fire calls are then diverted to fire dispatch which is manned by 2 operators 24 hours a day. For telephone dispatch, the necessary companies are called and sent. For box alarm responses, we are dispatched by what is reported to be the oldest operating Gamewell Fire Alarm system in the country, using the old telegraqh tappers, gongs, and running cards. For more info on this, go to www.keepback300ft.com . There is a good section about our signal room containing pictures and an explaination or how the system operates.

    Mike Gentili
    New Bedford Fire Dept.

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    Our station also operates on the old Gamewell box alarm system.
    All of our E-911 goes through the local PD station which is then transferred to the county Fire Control. Fire control then sends out the tones which activate the pagers and a Plectron radio system which in turn trips a Gamewell box that blows a set number of whistle rounds and a bell system in the firehouse. We have two houses that are approx. a half mile apart. One has the general alert whistle on top, the other house has a bell system which we also relayed in a bunch of fire strobes (the kind you would see on a fire alarm system), for high noise areas like the apparatus bays.

    Rescue Lt. Kevin C. (Pokey)

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