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    El Capitan
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    Post Houston Fire Department

    ......22 years worth now. The last nine as a Captain on Engine 8, downtown. Im also a member of a volunteer department east of Houston, having just resigned my position as Assistant Chief / Training Officer after five years. (Barbers Hill VFD in Mont Belvieu) You can only bang your head against the wall for so long. :-)

    Looking forward to meeting you.

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    Welcome aboard!! I noticed a hint of sarcasm in ref. to your Volunteer position? I to have been a career FF for 14 years and recently left a Vol. department after 20 years the last 7 as Safety Officer and Asst. Chief. I quickly found out there is "life after" the volunteer service. I fully understand the headbanging comment. Hope you enjoy the Forum and look forward to talking. Hope you'all are doing OK after your loss last month. Anyway, feel free to drop a line.

    Michael R. Rehfeld
    Baltimore County, Maryland
    IAFF Local 1311

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    Colin Fraser
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    Thumbs up

    Welcome Captain,

    Hope your guys are getting over the sad loss of their friends and fellow fireys.
    The forums will refresh you after all that headbanging and I hope you had the right headgear on, since you were their training officer and set a good example to them - or not.

    If you fancy dropping a line to me we can swap our info on respective Departments. Hope to hear from you

    Colin Fraser

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    Hey Cap,
    I was at the National Fire Academy in Oct/1999 and met two guys from Houston, Nick Guillen and Dave Colaiacomo. If you know them and see them, tell them John DeLuca from Philadelphia said hello.
    Take care and stay safe.

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