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    Danny Beebe
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    Any one out there have any information where one might find a dealer for model fire trucks and emergency equipment? I'm not talking about the die cast models but rather those that you can glue together and paint. I have looked in every toy and hobby shop that I can find in Arkansas. I find plenty of model cars and planes but no fire trucks or other emergency equipment. HELP!


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    I've seen a couple, have info on Two I've bought>
    The first is the backdraft pumper from MONOGRAM I think you can call them at (800) 833-3570> the truck is kit#6240
    The second is an American Lafrance custom Pumper From ERTL COMPANY> no number found but address is highways 136 and 20, Dyersville, Iowa 52040
    I hope this helps you out> if the shops you go to has order books ask them to let you look I have seen some in books just didn't order them..

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