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    Cool Blanket Welcome to New Members

    Seems new people are gathering faster than a crowd at a "3 llama" fire. So to save myself the hours involved in answering everyone personally, please accept a hearty welcome. I know I've found this to be a great place to: meet brothers and sisters, BS, talk shop, learn new tricks/tricks of the trade, get motivated, laugh at some new jokes, share sympathies for our recent losses, pick up neat ideas, expand my thinking, read and express opinions... and I hope each of you does too. I'll be looking forward to hearing from everyone in the forums.

    Watch yer topknots, Led

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    pvfr fyrfyter
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    Thumbs up

    Ledbelly said it all. Greetings from Nebraska. Have a safe weekend and may all your units get dusty from only being used at training.

    "The few, the proud, the insane."

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    Thanks for that welcome.
    Hope to chew the fat with you some time.
    Have a quiet weekend.

    Kindest regards & stay safe

    Les (UK)

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    Hi Led, You must know a 3"L" llama is a big fire in Boston because you've visited the joke column or are you a transplanted New Englander? eyup!

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