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    Lightbulb Veterans Benefits in the state of Virginia.

    Does the state of Virginia give preference when hiring to Veterans of foreign wars? And if you are a Veteran and on a paid full time Dept. in any state, did that "status" help you get hired when you left the military service?
    thankyou for your time, and any help that you can provide me.



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    Hi Trevor,
    I recieved veteran points on my exam, that was 15 years ago. Our job gives the points to vets involved in some sort of conflict or war. I was involved with Grenada Police Action. Check around with jobs in your area and see what they offer vets. I know that the federal govt. gives points towards certain jobs if you have been awarded certain medals ie: Expeditionary Forces Award. Your best bet is to speak with the VA or your detailer. You are a dying breed in the last 50 guys our job has hired none are a vets. Well good luck in your search.
    Lt. Steve B.

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