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    Lightbulb 2000 Firehouse EXPO...R u Going?

    Hey folks, I had an idea.

    As I read these posts and see all the stuff that comes out, I think...."We all talk, but have no idea who we all are." Some have tried to start a mailing list...cool, but I think i have one better!

    Here is my idea. How many of you are attending the 2000 Firehouse Expo in Baltimore? Why dont all of us who are going agree to meet at a "watering establishment on Friday Night July 21, 2000 and hoist a few liquid refreshments to all our fallen brothers and to all of us who continue to serve and protect? What do u think?

    I will start it off. I will be at the event. However, my planning and organizing for such a matter will not be conducive to success.. No...we do not want to attend some social hour sponsored by a vendor...lets make our own. Some one who has planning skills(better than me) make a list, find a place, and email all of us. Lets see how big we can make this party. I will pick the time and day... July 21, 2000, 8 pm...Someone else pick the where and get it going. We can all meet and greet there!

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    Be on the lookout for Firehouse.Com Night in Baltimore...which is exactly what Capt. Stan is talking about.

    We're doing something similar in San Jose at Fire Rescue West but it'll be even bigger in Baltimore!

    So rest assured there will be lots of places and opportunities for Firehouse.Com Forum members to meet in Baltimore and stay tuned for all the details!


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    Interesting concept that some of us tried do for last year's Expo. It sounds like it will come together this year. Sadly, I only get 5 days of vacation and am opting to go to Dallas for the first time.

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    Thanks to the Webteam for this undertaking...

    I hope it works....keep us posted...

    But lest make a list here of who is going!

    PS...Webteam...can you contact me via EMAIL..I have a ??

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    I like your idea. I will be at the Expo. Keep us posted on whats happening with your idea.

    Heather Helm
    Gamber & Comm Fire Co
    Gamber Maryland

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    I would like to attend while at the expo also, please send more information when you get it, such as location,dates,and times.
    thank you.

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