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    nsfirechap Guest

    Talking ICQ #'s

    Im new to this ICQ business-still trying to figure it out. # is 71727726.


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    Shila Guest


    hi my icq number is 26146447

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    firefly1361 Guest


    Hi there my ICQ number is 9805135


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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest


    What is an ICQ# and how do I go about getting one? Thanks for your help.


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    nsfirechap Guest


    Log on to It' a program that allows instant messaging(like e-mail) to someone you know-sort of an almost real time e-mail or chat. faster than e-mail, lets you know when a person on your mailing list is online.

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    INDY FIRE Guest


    Is it like AOL's instant messenger?

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    Aff Guest


    ICQ is much faster than AOL messenger. It also has the ability to send files and use it as a virtual server to play games. You can also add a pager panel to your home page so people can ICQ you with-out having the program. It also provides an icon for your page letting people know you are on. Probably the most common of the three- AOL messenger, msn instant messenger, an ICQ.
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    kennybear911 Guest


    my number is 64932180

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    Firekatz04 Guest


    The ICQ looks interesting... what are the plusses and minuses... THX

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