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    Lightbulb Fire Service Hockey Team

    I am a part time Zamboni driver when off duty and work in the largest Ice facility on the East Coast. I have played hockey since I was 5 yrs old (now 40) and have toyed with the idea of putting a fire service hockey team together in the NY/NJ area. Myself and a brother firefighter are willing to do all the leg work involved in establishing a strong and formidable team. The Police in my area have various different teams but no fire department teams have yet been organized. The attempt to structure a team will consist of tryouts and a team committee will be organized to choose an appropriate scheme for jerseys (color,style,etc....) The fee will be discussed amongst the final team members that are picked. The team prospects will be open to all paid and volunteer departments. Anyone interested should e-mail me at wjt164@erols.com .....Please note...this is only a preliminary step in this attempt to organize and its outcome will depend on the feedback I recieve. Being in the position I am at my side job at the Ice arena that I work in gives this possible team an advantage over all other teams. hoping and looking forward to hearing from you all.

    Willy Thompson
    Teaneck Fire Department
    Teaneck N.J.

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    I believe FDNY has a team......

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    Love the game but can't skate worth anything.
    You should contact Captain E McGrady af the
    Paterson Fire Department,their web site is
    IAFF3860.COM you can email him from that site or pick up the phone and call and leave
    a message and he will and does return emails and calls. Paterson does have a hockey team and so does Newark but he woud be able to give you some finer details.


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    willy, I know of 2 Jersey teams. Contact Bayonne and Atlantic city.

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    That is a pretty cool idea. One of my lieutenants is toying with the idea of trying to get a roller hockey league going for FIRE/POLICE/EMS. Good luck.

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