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    Question Physical Fitness Standards Help

    I am trying to create and implement a physical fitness program. I am looking for any information you may have on your fire departments procedures and guidelines. Please email me anything you have. Thanks in advance. mtncrash@yahoo.com

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    Hey neighbor!
    Check out the IFSTA manual on safety, and check out NFPA 1500. Our GO's just require the annual physicals, treadmills every year for those over 40. Physicals include the blood draw, urine spec., treadmill, lung capacity, all the normal stuff. The physicals are broken down into age groups, hazmat members are required to have a physical evey year. Under 40, I think evry couple of years. You get the idea. I think our paid guys get an allotted amount of time every day on duty to work out on the weight/fitness equipment. Also, our policy requires all active firefighters to do the annual combat challenge in the fall and the forest service wild land pack test in the late spring. Take care, BTW did you go to Field Days?

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