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    Post Low Pressure (75psi) Nozzles

    I am looking for information on low pressure
    (75 psi) nozzles. If you have any experience
    (good or bad) with these nozzles please reply. I am particularly interested in 2.5"
    75 psi, 250 GPM (fixed gallonage)nozzles
    (Akron assults). I have heard of problems
    with the hoseline being too "soft" causing
    kink's in hose line. Any info would
    be appreciated. Thanks.

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    My dept uses the low pressure akron 1 1/2" nozzles and I hate them. The hose kinks easier and it seems that we don't get the reach that we used to get with the straight stream as compared to the task force tips nozzle. Also, on brush fires it seemd the stream doesn't do nowhere near as good a job penetrating. Some of our personnel really love them..but my opinion is they stink.

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    Some things work for some people..others don't. If one of the busiest fire departments in the world uses 50psi nozzles...it kinda speaks for itself. I think the key is in hose line managment and training.

    The information presented herin is simply my opinion and does not represent the opinion or view of my employer(s) or any department/agency to which I belong.

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