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    Question Trying to find Firefighting triplets

    Hi All

    On one of my e-mail lists the following query came up and it was suggested (quite rightly) that posting the message on the forums would reach a far larger audience.

    Can anyone help Nancy with her query???

    Thanks and stay safe



    I am a newspaper reporter trying to find any
    firefighting triplets. I have a Father's Day story on a set of triplet career
    firefighters, their career firefighter younger brother and their volunteer
    fire chief dad. I am trying to determine as nearly as I can whether I will
    be safe in saying they are ``believed to be'' the only set of triplet career
    firefighters in the USA. Please, if you know of any others, help me out!
    Thank you,
    Nancy Wilstach
    staff writer
    The Birmingham News
    Birmingham, Ala.


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    Wow, is she wrong............

    Do you have her e-mail??

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    Hmmm ... not here but I'll track it down real soon!

    Your answer intregues me ... do you know of other triplets?

    Lt JJ Edmondson,
    Clyde-Cardinia Fire Brigade,
    Victoria, Australia

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    The Paper's E-mail for Letters to the Editor and Editorial Department is: "Epage@bhamnews.com". Add her name to the subject line and it should get to the writer.

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    Now that I read it a second time, I realize she is actually looking for real triplets, it's a rather misleading paragraph......My mistake! I don't know any triplets.

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    Well just in case someone DOES know of firefighting triplets her email is:


    (But please post it here too - it'd be great to hear of any large families like that!

    Thanks )

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    The best I know of are three brothers in the Qld Fire & Rescue at Charleville (Qld).

    Rodney, Cameron & Jason Castles.

    If that's any help,

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