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    Post Wanting to stop by and gather your stori

    Hello all.
    I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT-B from southern Indiana and I am making my vacation travel plans.
    I was just wanting to post a message here asking to visit some of your volunteer departments. I want to travel around the midwest at the end of July and photograph some apparatus, scan in some scene pictures and talk to some members about past incidents, chiefs and stories. I think eventually this will all end up in a book of some sort.
    If you wouldn't mind hosting me for a couple of hours, please E me so that I can see if I can get there.
    Thanks and I hope I get to see some of you soon.

    John Wells
    Evansville, Indiana



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    Hi John :
    We're not in the midwest but if you ever get out to New Egnland the South Windham F.D. in Connecticut would be happy to show you around and share some stories. Good luck on your travels and I hope you get many replies this is a great idea!
    Stay safe & take care of each other

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    Capt. Skippy
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    Check out our web page (www icon below) and stop in (just call in advance). We are 6 miles south of I-70 on US 127.

    Remember - Safety is a way of Life!

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    Danny Beebe
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    Arkansas may not be in your travel plans but if you are ever in North Central Arkansas stop by in Calico Rock in the beautiful Ozarks. We would love to talk to you and show our department off.. We are a small community of about 1000 people with what we think is one of the best departments in this part of the state and we love to show it off.

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    Cartersville Fire Dept
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    Hey we are in south-eastern Garrard county in Kentucky. We would be happy to have you down. We are just outside of Berea west of I-75. We would be happy to show you around and answer questions. We run ems and fire. Check out our home page at the links off of Fire House. It's just around the corner. Hope to here from you.

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    Stop by when your in Hawaii, We're on the "Big Island" about 10 minutes from the southern most spot in the USA

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    Not sure when your trip is but if in MI I am on Vacation the last week of July and first week of August would be happy to have you. I am planning on being around the house. Just send me an e-mail and let me know if you are coming this way I am about a half hour North of Toledo, OH. If that helps you any in your travel plans. Just let me know


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    Some consider us the western part of the midwest. Stop by a station, or stop a volunteer on the street. We'll sho a great time and let you ride along. Lots of calls!!

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    If you do come into Mi, you can tack us on your list, would actually be a two for one...as my husband is also a full time FF with public safety department. We'd only be an another 45 minutes from LMRCap1...I'd also be interested in the photography aspect of your work, as I'm also a pro photographer.

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