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    Thumbs down This is for Shawley66 From Donnora

    Hey Brother ( And I use the word very very loosely) No matter how you put it or how ****ed off you get, you guys were wrong! Walking out on you community is never the answer. You need to work for support,stack the council meeting , go out and talk to the people in your town and det people to speak out for your needs. You sound like your what 17-18 or maybe 16, I am a voly FF/EMT and a proffesional EMT if you don't know that means I do it for a living. You have some pretty crappy views of paid guys. I don't think this is because you have bad paid guys in your area I think it's just your jealus and doon't know what your talking about. For one I don't know any paid FF who works an eight(thats 8) hour shift it's more like 24-48 or 3 on 3 off and the such. And lets not even get in to call volume Do a few thousand calls a year and then start you crying. If the 24-7 stuff bothers you join a bridge club.
    Stay safe-Solve your problems productively walking out does'nt get you confidence from your town.

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    I agree with you 110% about this issue....but lets let this sleeping dog sleep...please!

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