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    Talking Ride Along Curse

    While riding along with your FD have you ever noticed that once you are there thing's tend to slow down and once you leave things pick up again and you alwsys miss a good call have you ever fallen victim to the so called ride along curse?.

    Tim Macias

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    I lucked out-back in Januray did a ride along with the Seattle FD, caught a confined space rescue on a barge-one of the few csr's they had had in a long time....But yess, when i used to ride with various departments in the south-nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeff Turkel
    North Star VFD
    North Pole, Alaska

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    Brian Dunlap
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    I'm Not a Jr. or Cadet but I do hear what you are saying...Because I work Mid-Night Shift at my regular Job I often go to the firehouse during the day, Mostly on Friday because I'm Off through the weekends....The beeper won't go off all day sometimes and as soon as I leave and make the 4 mile drive back to my house Off it goes....Do I go back usually depending on the call and the time of day...Traffic in my areacan be a son of a gun at certin times

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