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    firefighter19 Guest

    Question Dashlights

    What type of dashlights do some of you use
    (if you are allowed? I am considering buying a firebeam dashlight or Whelen LED dashlight?

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    bob1350 Guest


    Not allowed in Colorado. Only red/clear overheads with visibility 360. You can have wig wags and lights in your grill. Nothing on the rear. How are you going to be seen? or is this something extra?

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    firefighter19 Guest



    I want to be seen.

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    CFD14 Guest


    First of all, I am against installing emergency lighting or sirens on a POV.

    If you must have one, Signal Stat offers several choices including a visor mounted strobe which is easy to move from one vehicle to another which sells for 175.16.
    A dash or window mounted one that sells for
    They also have the alternating high beam
    switchs for 53.63 if you don't want to take up space on your dash.
    We are not allowed to use them on my dept. and I personally wouldn't want one. Turn the headlights on, maybe the flashers and drive safely and SANELY to the incident. That way maybe nobody gets injured or killed.
    Just my thoughts. Email me if you want more info on the signal stat lighting and sirens.

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    HVORSE Guest


    Our Department requires you be on for 12 months before you are allowed a red light, and then it must be approved by our Law Enforcment Center. They check the applicants driving record, and if the sheriff feels this individual is, or is not able to be issued a permit, which is valid for 1 year. Every January everyone fills out a new application for this. Even though this is a good start, we still have people on our department that still abuse the privlidge. We are only requesting the right of way, not DEMANDING.

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    One13Truck Guest


    Well In Pennsylvania Fire Chiefs, Ems Captains, and Recue Chiefs can run red and clear as long as they have a siren. Fire/Rescue/Ems vollunteers use blue's
    I had a Tomar 925 6 strobe mini bar until someone decided they liked it more than I did. Now I have a 4 strobe Whelen Mini Edge.

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    BillEMTff Guest


    Well I belong to two org. for my fire department I have a two strobe mini-lite-bar in blue, for my ambulance corp. I have a code3 dashlaser with 5 flash mirror in green.

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    FirefighterReed Guest


    We are allowed to use dashlights, sirens, and I think lightbars. Nobody I know has a lightbar but almost all of the members have a dashlight. I don't think anybody has a siren as far as I know. Personally I'm wanting to get me a dash light then I will respond with that on plus head lights and 4-way flashers. Maybe when/if I ever become and officer I might possibly install a siren.

    If your looking for a good cheap place to get a dashlight go to Ebay and search for dashlights or emergency lights
    Find em hot......Leave em wet...

    Fire Fighters job is never done

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    Firefox Guest


    In my country we have no problem using any warning device. I have:
    Federal Firebeam (red-white) with ultraflash
    Pa-300 Siren
    Grover Air Horn.
    To tell you the truth, what really gets the driver's attention is the wig-wag..........and the Air Horn.

    By the way, I drive a Isuzu Trooper SUV

    Be safe


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    first1in182 Guest

    Thumbs up

    I just bought a whelen dash master two light strobe with cigarette plug for my truck. It seems to work the best. If you want front warning I suggest wig wags, they're the most visible. Be safe

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    ilikefyre Guest


    whelen also makes a visor strobe that is flat. it is a 2 light strobe with a switch on the light so it can be hardwired if you choose

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    fighting57th Guest


    i use a dash laser and stobes in the headlights and brake lights and turn signal lights thinking about a mini edge light bar to go on top I WANT TO BE SEEN lol we have alot of, how you say, out of country residents here and they really dont pay attention to anything so i hope this helps me to be seen ,looks like a christmas tree on steroids lol im also from eastern North Carolina

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    sponge Guest


    I just have a second hand tear drop. Why should I waste my money when no one gets out of the way anyway?

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    MAN27 Guest


    Originally posted by sponge:
    I just have a second hand tear drop. Why should I waste my money when no one gets out of the way an
    Buddy do you ever have prblems with traffic when it comes to saving a life! Where I come from (Upper Kingsclear Fire Dept) Every @$*!-ing car,truck,transport even gets the hell out of way. All I use is the 4 ways and flash the high beams on and off. Works like a charm!!!!!!

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    RDWFIRE Guest


    Most of us here in Juneau use DashLasers with mirrors, or Fire Beams, blue in color. We are allowed one light, with mirrors if desired. No wig-wag headlights and we don't reccomend the use of flashers because you cannot signal your intentions. We do not run traffic signals, and we do not exceed the speed limits. There is a lot of discussion in the fire service about dash lights, etc, but as with any tool, if they are used with common sense and public education, they are a big help in a response.

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    sponge Guest


    Originally posted by MAN27:
    Originally posted by sponge:
    I just have a second hand tear drop. Why should I waste my money when no one gets out of the way an
    Buddy do you ever have prblems with traffic when it comes to saving a life! Where I come from (Upper Kingsclear Fire Dept) Every @$*!-ing car,truck,transport even gets the hell out of way. All I use is the 4 ways and flash the high beams on and off. Works like a charm!!!!!!
    My point: Most people don't get out of the way of a large fire truck that has the legal right of way and can crush their car in a second. Whether I put a large $500 light rack on my roof (and lower the value of my car) or I use a $15 tear drop (which is actually legal), I get the same result. People do not yield the right of way to me, especially when they are not legally obligated to do so.

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    AntiG Guest


    I recommend the Whelen Dash Miser II. We use all blue in CT however I purchased the clear lenses and blue and yellow filters from Galls. The yellow grabs peoples attention a little better than all blue and the local police don't have an issue with it.

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    Dr. Law Guest


    Federal Magna Beam, the oscillating version of the Fire Beam.
    This is not an advertisement. This thing works better than any dashlight I have used before to get people out of the way in this state where we cannot use flashing headlights. I think it is something about the dwell time of the flash, makes it seem brighter.
    Yes, in most states, we are only asking for the right of way, and we should all remember that.
    By the way, New Yorkers, answer me this. On a trip through your state, I saw a lot of vehicles in the rural areas with green lights. What does green signify?

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    sponge Guest


    Volunteer Ambulance Corps members can use green lights in NY.

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    smokeeater51 Guest


    In New Hampshire, anything goes, but it is up to the discretion of the local law enforcement and fire chief. Wanting to get to the station for a quick response is all well and good, but use common sense. If there isn't a life at risk, don't risk lives trying to make the first piece out. If you know that only one engine is going to roll, and you aren't going to make it, go with the flow of traffic. Remember, all of the whirlygigs that we vollies put on our vehicles are just "courtesy" lights. No one is required by law to pull over and stop for volunteers responding to the station. I'll admit that I have a mini-edge strobe bar and alternating grill lights, but I hardly ever use them. It really depends on the call. Another thing to keep in mind, and this goes for everyone out there, no matter where you are, who you are, or what the situation is, your actions reflect on the ENTIRE firefighting community, especially the volunteer community. Even when you are not responding to a call, just having a light and/or a fire plate draws attention from the public, and requires professionalism at all times. The next time you are responding to a call, think before you plug in, or flip that switch. And if you have to turn em' on, be sure to throw a wave of thanks to those who are courteous enough to pull over for you. Remember, these are the people who pay for the equipment and apparatus that we have. Stay safe, and stay low.

    Lieutenant M. Spinney
    Rollinsford Fire & Rescue

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    Letona_Fire_26 Guest


    I used to use a Dash-laser. I liked it much better than a light bar.

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    SRVFD2 Guest


    It looks like one rural KY dept. agrees with CFD14 in KS and Smokeeater51 in NH!! Too many don't remember that those lights "request the right of way"!!

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    rojaig Guest



    In Saskatchewan We are not allowed to use any type of emergency beacon, I use my 4 way flashers and headlight hi beam switch - we meet at the call location not at the hall we carry our gear with us.

    It is not the best I would like to use a beacon of some sort just so I am more noticable on the road. We still have to obey the traffic laws although I push it a little.

    Be safe and wave if someone helps you get by


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    Dr. Law Guest


    Hey, Rojaig,
    That sounds a little like that Ford Commercial where they all hop in the pickup and go to the fire. Who brings your trucks with the water and hoses?

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