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    Cool gas company go on all gas calls

    no january 22 2000 my fire deparment was dispach for a small of gas at 132 church street . first on sence was the police and sone ore chief. to make a long story short the biulding blow up it took the gas company 4 hour to send a crew

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    Seems like a long time for a gas company to show up.PSEG in North Jersey gets out on gas calls within 45-60 minutes and they have a special number for police and fire to call for gas and wire problems that is a non listed number.B etter check with the gas company to see if they have anything like it.


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    I don't recall the gas company taking 4 hours to respond, however there were several difficulties encountered by them upon arrival including heavy fire conditions, uncertainty of gas shut off location and freezing temperatures. Elizabethtown Gas Company covers this area and are usually fairly quick to respond. There is a 24 hour emergency number used by the communications center for notifications.

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    Our fire department has to go through a course where we learn to shut the gas off ourselves so we don't rely on the gas company to do it about all our members are trained to do it.

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    Red face

    Here, We have a good city gas service response. BUT!!! out in the county NCNG may have only one person within two counties. They conslidated regional centers about 2 years ago. Now to get a response it will take a wile. we are not allowed to shut off service lines just regulators.



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