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Thread: Unit #'s

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Our county is in the process of installing new repeaters and is also changing our numbering system. Currently we have 13 stations in the county (1 Paid and 12 Vol.).
    Station 12
    Chief------ Chief-12
    Asst. Chief Chief-12A
    1st Capt. Capt-121
    2nd Capt. Capt-122
    Engine 121
    Engine 122
    Tanker 121
    Tanker 122
    Squad 121
    Brush 121

    This system works really well but now things are changing and will get a bit confusing.

    Will still be Station 12 but all numbers will change to 2200.
    Each member will have a number from 2230-2299.
    Officers will have an additional number.
    Chief------- 2200
    Asst. Chief 2201
    Captain 2202
    Captain 2203

    All Trucks will stay the same.

    This is to go into effect sometime this year, so really don't know how its going to work out.

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    Our dept. is really simple...we only run city unless requested for mutual aid, so I have no Idea about county stuff. Also, we have 3 private ambulance companies in town, so fire does not run EMS. we have six stations, and the apparatus are numbered accordingly:
    st1: engine 1, tower 1
    st2:engine 2, truck 2
    st3:engine 3, crash 3(airport response)
    st4:engine 4, brush 4
    st5:engine 5, squad 5(hazmat, mobile command post, heavy rescue)
    st6:engine 6, brush 6
    asst. chief:c2
    training/safety officer:c3
    fire marshal:c4
    shift capt:c5
    utility p/up:c6
    K-9 arson investigator:c9

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    WFD 507
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    In our city, the numbering is very simple. Only because we only have one station. The county is very similiar to ours. In the event of us being mutual aid, we are still called by our respected numbers. They are as follows:

    Chief 500a; call sign 501
    Deputy Chief 500b; call sign 502
    Lt. 500c; call sign 509
    Eng. 1
    Eng. 2
    Eng. 4
    Eng. 5
    or use your respected call sign:
    501 to 509

    The county is the same except for duty chief,
    each number denotes a shift for duty chief and rescue captains:

    DC 700, 701, 702
    Rescue 800, 801, 802
    Eng. 1 thru Eng. 12
    Brush truck is Brush truck, no number
    Ambulances are M units,
    M1 thru M 12, M 24, with M1, M4, M24 at headquarters. There are 12 substations in the county.

    If anybody is having trouble coming up with call numbers or call signs. Use the KISS Rule!!!!!

    When they ask what it is, tell them:


    That might make it easier or make somebody mad. But sometimes simple is the best way!

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    Boy I thought that our Company ID#s were pretty easy. We have 7 stations...


    station# unit#
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++
    101-106 Chiefs/Fire Marshal
    110 (Maine) ENG.111
    120 (East End) ENG.121
    130 (Uniontown) ENG.131
    140 (Fairview) ENG.141 (*see below)
    140 (Fairview) MICU.140, AMB.143-146
    150 (Brady)ENG.151, SQUAD.152, BRUSH.153
    160 (Forest Hills) ENG.161
    180 (Fire Police) 180,181,182,183,184
    190 (Heavy Rescue) RESCUE.193

    You see I feel that our system is very easy to remember, oh by the way I'm #182.


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    There are 23 departments in Warren Co. NY. Our numbering system can be confusing at times. Our prefixes are:
    1- Rescue, Brush, or Utility unit
    2- Chief Officer
    3- Engine
    4- Tanker
    5- Sheriff's Dept.
    6- EMS Officers
    7- Ambulances
    8- Medic Units
    Each Department has a base #. Base #'s start from the southern end of the county and move north and do not go in alphabetical order. My department ( South Queensbury ) starts with 05, and we can use up to 09. The next department ( West Glens Falls ) is 10.
    So, our units go this this:
    Car 205, Car 206, Car 207, Car 208, Car 209
    Engine 307, Engine 308
    Rescue 106, Brush 108
    ACR-1 ( This unit is our Air Crash Rescue and is a specialized unit. It was assigned a # that does not conform to the normal county System )

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    On my Dept. We have this.

    Engine 1 1952 front-mounted pumper

    Engine 2 1981 FMC-Spartan Midship

    Engine 3 1981 FMC-Spartan Midship

    Reserve Engine 1957 Howe Midship

    Tanker 1974 Ford

    Brush Engine 1987 Chevy 4 WD 1 ton.

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    In my district we number truck agreement of the department in our area, that is the LOMMA. We have a three digit coding system. The first number is the department. The second number is the station the unit is responding from. The third number is the type of unit it is.
    The type of unit is 1 are midipumpers 2 are front line pumpers. 3 are tanker with up to 1500 gal. of water, 4 are tankers from 1500 to 2000 gals. of water, 5 are tankers with over 2000 gals. of water. 6s are brush trucks, 7s are ladders, 8s are rescue trucks, and 9s are special units (fire boats or foam trucks). For example 122,1 is our department, 2 is station 2 and 2 show that is a front line pumper.

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    We are fortunate to have a 4x4 township square county. The numbering for each DEPARTMENT starts with "10" in the upper right, goes down the east side of the county in increments of 10 and then moves up to the next top township and continues from there.

    The numbering is based from there, for instance, my department is assigned "60", so our apparatus is 61, 62, 63, etc. Our officers are 601 (Chief), 602 (Asst. Chief), 603, 604, etc.

    The "wise men" who developed this years ago also had a desire for the numbers of apparatus to go with the vehicle type...
    1 = Grass Unit
    2 = Tanker
    3 = Support Vehicle
    4 = Rescue Squad
    5 = Rescue Squad
    6 = Ladder
    7 = Engine
    8 = Engine
    9 = Engine

    That way, mutual aid departments coule know that when Truck #67 from Orrville was coming in, it would be an Engine and when #62 showed up, it would be a tanker. Unfortunately, as equipment got added and replaced, everyone took to first available number so they don't match this scheme...

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    East Haddam#1firefighter
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    In Connecticut each town has a different numerical or letter name. In middlesex county the numbers goes from 3 through 17. Towns closer to the shoreline have lower numbers, and the further you go north in the county the higher the number. East Haddam has a number of 15 and our surrounding neighbors are very close to our number. Haddam Neck is 16. East Hampton is 12 and so on.

    We name our trucks as follows:
    Brush 15
    Rescue 1-15
    Engine 1-15
    Engine 2-15
    Tanker 3-15
    15-4-A/B is the ambulance's
    Tanker 5-15
    Engine 6-15
    Service 7-15
    Engine 8-15
    Service 9-15

    Officer listing goes as follows:
    Chief: 10-15
    Deputy Chief: 15-1
    Captain: 15-2
    Captain: 15-3
    Captain: 15-5
    Lt's: 15-6 through ?
    Deputy Fire Marshal: FM-15-1

    Shawn Daigle
    East Haddam F.D.
    East Haddam Connecticut

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    At Buffalo-Mt. Pisgah Fire Dept in Kershaw, SC we use station (Sta. 22) number followed by unit number


    Then the members..
    2211-Asst. Chief
    and so on...

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    In our county, all the departments have a different number. Ours is station 12. Our personnel numbers are all set up the same for simplicity. My number is 1202. That designates I am a captain at station 12 ( the station number comes first, then the designation.) All chiefs and assistant chiefs are designated with a number ending in 1 (01, 11, 21, 31, etc....) Captains with a 2 and lieutenants with a 3.
    Our vehicle are numbered by the station and the type. (Engine 12, tanker 12, rescue 12, engine 12-2, engine 12-3, brush 12, squad 12, etc.....)

    Our radio language is plain english to keep it simple.

    You will find everyone does it different, so whatever works for you guys, do it!

    Train hard, Fight hard!

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    I am in the Air Force and some regulation states that no truck can be numbered the same but there are brackets such as chiefs and support units are 1-9. crash units are 10-19. Pumpers are 22-25. then we have some supprt trailers that we use that are above that.

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    Ours is quite a simple system our Station is 18 our units are as follows
    Eng.181 (primary fire suspression structures)
    Wildland 182 (Brush Response)
    Eng.183 (Second structural Response)
    Tanker 184
    Rescue Eng.5 ( Vehicle Fire and Accidents)
    Strike Rig 18 ( Heavy Rescue Command and Support)
    Squad 18 bls ambulance

    Personnal Numbering System
    1800- Chief
    1801-Deputy Chief
    1802-Asst. Chief
    1803-Div.Chief EMS
    1805-Safety officer
    1806-EMS Lt.

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    My county assigns a number to each department. Mine is Dept 12. Stations are numbered 121, 122 and 123.

    Apparatus is similarly numbered:
    Engine 121, Ladder 121, Rescue 121 and Booster 121 are all out of station 121.

    Engine 123 and Booster 123 run from station 123.

    #12 designates the Chief. Unit 1201, 1202, 1203 and 1204 are the assistant and district chiefs.

    Captains are in the 60 series and Lieutenants are in the 70 series, with the last number denoting staions:

    Unit 1261 - Captain of station 121
    Unit 1273 - Lieutenant of station 123

    Every department is set up the same way, so (provided you know your surrounding depts well) you know by the truck/unit # who you are getting. Out of County units refer to their city and truck # i.e. Houston Engine 101.

    Take care & stay safe!

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    We try and keep it simple.Our district number is 31
    Station 31
    engine 31
    engine 231
    rescue 31
    command 31
    brush 31
    and hopefully soon ladder 31
    our personal identification and our chain of command tries to keep it simple also
    officers: 40's
    chief 41
    asst. chief 42
    capt's 43,44,45
    lt's 46,47,48
    drivers: 50's
    FF's: 61 up to 99

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    Colin Fraser
    Firehouse.com Guest


    Over here in Edinburgh, Scotland all our stations are numbered and the types of appliances based at them assume the station number then type. The Station Commanders also assume the stations number.

    My station is 51 and we have the first pump or Water Ladder/Emergency Tender which is 511, the second pump or Water tender is 512 and finally our Turntable Ladder(100ft) is 513.

    All first pumps assume the station number plus one and so on. Other special appliances may assume 4 or 5, such as 364 which is station 36's Heavy rescue tender.

    On the subject of codes we use both. Our radio scheme uses the following:-
    Status code 1 - mobile to incident
    Status code 2 - in attendance
    Status code 3 - mobile and available by radio
    Status code 4 - closing down home station
    Status code 5 - contact via appliance pager

    All other messages to our Control Room is by voice. The wife is a Senior Fire Control operator in our control room and tells me of if I sound a bit ***** when she send me onto another rubbish fire!!!

    Interesting seeing all the different FD's responses to this.

    Stay safe out there



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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Well I see I'm still mostly in the minority on the codes. But I guess everybody's entitled to their own opinion. What works great somewhere will fail miserably somewhere else, I guess....

    Edwardsville Emergency Services, Station 10
    We came, we saw, WE KICKED IT'S *****!!!

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    The central part of NH is mostly the same as the guys from the seacost described. Every town in the Capital Area Fire Mutual Aid Compact has a two digit ID number (starting at 50), and then the different types of trucks are designated by a letter and a number (X-Rescue, M-Engine, K-Tanker, L-Ladder, etc..) so Bow engine 1 is 52-M1. Also personel are designated by an R and dispense down from R1, the chief. for a full listing of all of this go to http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaver...1/nhcafmac.htm

    Also, the way neighboring systems are numbered in most of the state, you would have to work to get two towns with the same ID on the same incident.

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    Monrovia FD Station 101 HQ Station 102
    We use to be 11 and 12 when we joined onto Verdugo Fire Communications WWW.VFCC.ORG we changed or we would of rolled out every time Burbank Station's 11 and 12 got dispacthed so we are now 101's and 102's
    E-101, E-201, E-102, T-102,BC 10, Chief 10, Patrol 101, Utillity 101, SQ 102, SQ 101

    Tim Macias
    Engine 101

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    The way it works with baltimore county volunteer stations is that we have our station number. ours is 280...then your apparatus is the same first 2 numbers but the last number is different. we have engines 281 & 282. utility 283. medic 285. the way the paid stations work is that all their numbers are the same. station 15. engine 15, truck 15, medic 15 etc.

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