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Thread: Unit #'s

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    Here in Jefferson co. MO ours is simple each Department is given a designation # ours is 6600 then the trucks are numbered as follows.
    6600 is the chief
    6601 & 2 are the asst. chiefs
    03 & 04 deputy chiefs
    05-09 capt. or lt.
    6610-11 pumper
    12 ladder truck
    13 tanker
    14 rescue or squad
    15 rescue/ladder combination
    16 air cascade
    anything with a 7 as the last is an ambulance they run separate from the fire here
    18-19 utility vehicle
    amd if you have more than one house you change the number to 6620 and so no


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    we have a 4 didget system in our area. we have 3 depatments Chatsworth city, Eton city, and Murray co. the first number Identifies what department
    Chatsworth= 1
    Eton= 2
    Murray= 3

    The second is our station bolth cities just have 1 station each so they are allways 1. (11xx,21xx) we in the county have 7 stations so ours go (31xx,32xx,33xx and so on)

    then the personel number are the next 2
    01 being capt
    02,03 lt's
    and 04,05,06,07 are suposed to be engineers but that lasted 6 months

    so 1101 is capt of chatsworth
    and 3213 my number means I am from station 2 in the county.

    apperratus is the same for eton and chatsworth the last 2 numbers are their ID's engines xx31 primary,and xx32 for reserve
    ladders xx51
    tankers xx41
    so 1131 is chatsworth's primary eng and 1151 is their ladder

    in the county we don't have reserve apperatus at each station ours have their own stations for the day when we can fully man them so each station has 1 eng and 1 tanker and they are named after the station
    eng1 tanker2
    I almost forgot our cheifs all use the same call type CF1,2,3 EF1,2,3, and FC for the county
    Now that I've wrote all this out I think it is very confusing an I don't know how I ever rememberd this crap.


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    As for the code vs english I can tell you that as a dispatcher and a vol ff I belive code is better providing every one knows it. some times code is a pain if you are dealing with newbees either with 911 or fd so english has it's benifits but if everyone is trained up properly than code s the way to go.



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    We are on the out skirts of a paid dept. Their Engines, Squads, Aerial so forth are "100" series apparatus.

    We being so close to the city district adopted the "200" series.
    Tanker 241
    Tanker 242
    Rescue 261
    Grass/cascade 225
    Personnel 269
    Station- 200
    A.C. 202
    Cpt. 203
    Lt/Safety Officer 204

    We don't use unit numbers when we are in a mutual aid situation (not thiers anyway) because we have such a varying system. For example a town 15 miles away is a 500 series, another one, is a County 200 series, so we avoid trying to guess who the hell we are calling and just try "plain english" when calling them on their approach so as to avoid lost time by them not realizing we are calling them because we don't know what apparatus is en-route.

    Your Brother In The Service,
    Rob Herpel
    Vice-Pres./Asst. EMS Coordinator
    Fremont Rural Fire Department

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    Our county # is 13. All fire departments are in the 70 series, us being 71. Our call sing is 1371. Chiefs are all 01, ie 7101. Trucks are numbered in the 10 series. 7111, 7112,7113,7114, etc. System is simple and works well for us. Is easy to identify the Chief when ever you hear 0-1.

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    In Massachusettes, well, Berkshire County anyways, each station is numbered privately.
    In Egremont (my dept) for example, we run Engine 1, Engine 2, etc... We have 2 stations. In station 1 the units are odd number and station 2, it's even numbers. in Station 1 is Egnine 1 and Tanker 5. Station 2 is Engine 2, Engine 4, and Rescue 8 (don't ask me what happened to #'s 3 and 6) as for officers and FF #'s, it's done the same way..odds station 1 evens station 2.
    Firefighter-EMTs run with 3 digit #'s
    Chief-Car 2 (station 2)
    Asst Chief-car 5 (station 1-kept his previous Lt #)
    Capt 1- Car 7 (station 1)
    Capt 2- 735(Captain-EMT Station 2)
    Lt 1- Car 3 (station 1-took over ex assist chief's #)
    Lt 2- Car 6 (station 2)
    Medical Lt- Car 10
    Asst medical Lt. 841(station 1)

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    In our county, all 43 volunteer departments are divided into 4 battalions according to geographic location; 1st,2nd,3rd,4th. Then the departments within each battallion are numbered according to where the department name falls alphabetically.
    Example :
    Kennedy Fire Department is in the 4th battallion, 7th company alphabetically in the battallion, then unit # 1,2,3,etc...
    Chief : Car 471
    1st Asst Chief : Car 472
    2nd Asst Chief : Car 473
    Engines : 471,472,473
    Rescue : 471

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    we are CCFD#1...so our units are designated as E1-1, E1-2, S1-1, S1-2, WT1-1 or TE1-1 depends on who is dispatching, WT1-2, WT1-3, and then RE1-1 for our rehab. our medic units come from 4. so they are M4-1, or M4-1-1, or M4-2 and they have a ladder truck which is T4-1. The rescue for our mutual aid district, which is 9, is R9-1. so we are fortunate i guess in that we have one digit departments and easy designators.

    FF ong
    Stay safe out there!

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    We use a area wide system where each dept. has its own #... my station is 1701, we have a 1702 for our second station. the units are then designated as flows.

    40's=light brush
    50's=heavy brush
    80's=hevy resque
    90's=chief's truck

    Be safe and come back to fight again!!!!

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    station two, engine two, ladder two, car three, dont know where the three came from, seems a little out of place. but its the captains car so i cant argue. all the rest of our units corospond with the station number.


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    Chemung County NY...
    First unit no. (1-23) is Department listed mostly alphabetical.
    Second is unit type (0-9).
    0= Chiefs
    1= Jr. officers
    2= pumpers bellow 1200gpm
    3= pumpers over 1250gpm
    4= aerials
    5= platform aerials
    6= tanker/tender
    7= utility (brush etc.)
    8= rescue/ems
    9= misc./base units
    Third is unit no. in that department (never seen one higher than 4)

    So for example...West Hill's second engine is 2032 (Department #20, Engine=3, second out)
    or Elmira's tower ladder is 641 (dept. #6, ladder=4, first out)

    And as for radio freq. the whole county is on the same five chanels (accept for Elmira all career dept.) so they are just numbered in order.

    "Back off man... I'm a Scientist."

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