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    One13Truck Guest

    Question Unit #'s

    It might just be me, and this might be a dumb topic. But I'm amazed at all the different numbering scemes out there (we have County #'s that are not used and our mutual aid #'s that are used). Our County # is 172, 172 engine 1, 172 engine 2, 172 ladder 1, 172 F1, F2, F3, and F4. Ambulance 11A and 11B (also our rescue). Our Mutual Aid is Station 10, E11, E12, L113, A14, R15, Chief 16, 17, 18, and 19. Anybody care to share theirs? For any further info on the system our County uses click on our homepage which can be found at the bottom of this post (cheap plug), I have both the "official lists", 10 code lists, and the Lists actually in use by the units in the County.

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    firefly1361 Guest


    Carroll County Company 13. Engine 131,Engine 133, Engine 134, Brush Trucks 135 and 136, Utility 13 Utility 13-1, Special Unit 13, Boat 13, Boat 13-1, Medic 139 and Reserve Engine 132.

    Heather Helm
    Gamber and Community Fire Co
    Carroll County Co. 13
    Gamber, Maryland

    "If You go, We go"

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    Neil Murphy Guest


    The stations in my County are given numbers. Mine is 55. Each Department numbers the same to make it easy to identify the truck responding, i.e.:

    0- Chief--550
    1- Assistant Chief-551
    6-reserve engine-556
    7-brush truck-557
    8-equipment truck-558
    9-utility truck

    Our Fire/Rescue Truck operates on the EMS system and is numbered accordingly.

    In addition our comapny officers are identified
    Co. 1 Capt.-5510
    Co. 1 Lt.-5511

    Co. 2 Capt-5520
    Co. 2 Lt.-5521 and so on.
    Individual Fire Fighters are identified similarly: Co. 1 5512, 5513, 5514 and so on.

    It works very well. This gives the IC on any call mutual aid or single station the chance to plan for what is responding and request resources needed.

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    firefighter19 Guest


    In my county we have to departments,Salyersville and District#3. Salyersville's has the following uni Schemes
    202 chief
    225- assist.chief
    Squad 1
    District#3 has the following Unit# scheme
    402- Assist.chief

    I'm unit#436

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    cjwac Guest


    Our volunteer company here on the island of Hawaii i affiliated with a paid county (paid) company. On this island there are 19 paid companies, each has 1 to 4 volunteer companies to call on to assist them. The paid units are designated Company 1--2---3---4 etc
    the medic unit (if the station has one), is designated as Medic 1-2 or whatever. The volunteer company is designated with a letter
    A-B-C and so on. We are associated with
    Company 11, Medic 11 is our emt unit
    and my company is 11 B (bravo)and there are also 11A, 11C, and 11D. We are also called on
    to assist other paid units

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    Bob Snyder Guest


    After much pain, suffering, voting, negotiating, revoting, ****ing & moaning, we've finally worked out a compromise county-wide system that enough people could agree on to outvote those who would not...

    All radio traffic is "plain english" (no 10- codes, signals, etc.).

    All companies have a company number (running from 1 to 79, right now).

    Apparatus are (type)-(company number)-(suffix), where suffixes denote multiple units of a type in a company, as follows (I'll use "xx" where the company number goes, just for filler):

    Aerials can be Aerial-xx, Truck-xx, Ladder-xx or Tower-xx

    Engines: Engine-xx, Engine-xx-1, Engine-xx-2, Engine-xx-3

    Rescues: Rescue-xx, Rescue-xx-4

    Brush: Brush-xx, Brush-xx-5, Brush-xx-6

    Tankers: Tanker-xx, Tanker-xx-7, Tanker-xx-8

    Utilities, Misc.: Squad-xx, Squad-xx-9

    Cars: Car-xx

    Chief: xx-10
    Asst. Chiefs: xx-11, xx-12, xx-13
    Captain: xx-14
    Lieutenants/Seargents/etc.: xx-15, xx-16, xx-17, xx-18

    EMS has a whole different system, with 3-digit "squad" number and units attached, for example, "squad 680" runs multiple rigs, numbered 681, 682, 683, etc. They go in service as "Medic 68x" if they are ALS or "Ambulance 68x" if they are BLS.

    The cops have yet another system that I don't completely understand.

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    Philip C Guest


    Good question- it's always interesting to know how others do things. In Prince George's County (and most counties in MD), engines are numbered by station followed w/ 1,2,3..(Station 10 has 3 engines:E-101,E-102,E-103), trucks are numbered by station and if a straight stick, called a truck, and if a tower ladder, called a tower(Station 10 has Tower 10), rescue squads and tankers are numbered same as trucks, and ambulances get a # 9 after the station #(Station 10 has no ambulance , but it would be 109). Chiefs are called by their station # or battalion #, deputy chiefs get an "A" after station #, and assistant chiefs a "B". For mutual aid to 1 of three surrounding counties (Howard), we are Station 50, for the other 2 we use county name before station #. Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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    BillEMTff Guest


    Well my county does it this way;
    departments are # 1-45 mine being 45, although most don't use department #'s when calling out. Units are asigned #'s as well,as far as what the unit is it's given a letter ex; engines are "E", tankers "TA", rescues "R", ladders(trucks) "T", ambulances "A", and missalanies (bouts, brush trucks, pick-ups, ect.) "M",Chiefs are called Chief. Most just say engine instead of "E" and so on mine are;
    Tanker-21(doesn't exist anymore, new one being spec.out)
    4501(1st asst.)
    4502(2nd asst.)
    4571(fire capt.)
    4572(fire capt.)
    4577(EMS Capt.{me})
    We also don't use 10-codes just plain english, no confussion that way.

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    Lieutenant25 Guest



    We have 10 stations in our city.

    Station 1 has Engine 1 (front pump)Engine 101 (second pump) Rescue 1, Truck 1, Brush 1, Medic 1, etc.

    Chief 11, Dep Chief 12, Captain 13, Lt 14, lt 15, Lt 16

    Same works for all stations

    Station 2 ENgine 2, and Engine 201, Medic 2, Medic 201, A-202, A-203
    Chief 21, Dep Chief 22, Captain 23, Lt 24, Lt 25, Lt 26

    Kepp repeating for all units at each station.

    Lt John Cizmar

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    VVFC2LT Guest


    Our County recently initiated a county numbering system. The City of Pittsburgh is not included on this list. The system is based on the number of fire departments in the county, not on the number of municipalities. We have 214 fire departments in our county. Departments were not forced to switch to the county system, but as of now, about 90% of the fire departments in the county have switched to the numbering system. Equipment and line officer designation is based upon the station number.
    Chief 100
    Asst. 100
    Engine 100-1
    Rescue 100, etc.

    There are still a few departments that are holding out. The fire association my department is in, is one of those. In that association, we are station 8. The designations are:

    Chief 280
    Captain 282
    Asst. Captain 283
    Engine 81
    Engine 82
    Squad 8
    Service 8
    Boat 8-1
    Boat 8-2

    10 codes in our association are making their way out and plain english is taking over.

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    Davidjb Guest


    Here in the seacoast area of New Hampshire each town is assigned a number, starting with 10 and going in alphabetical order.
    My town is 34. Engines have the letter designation of E, Tankers T, and so on. Thus we have 34E1, 34E2, 34E3, 34F1 (forestry) 34A1, and 34A2 (ambulances).
    Chief designations are C, and officers are O.
    So that gives us 34C1 (chief), 34C2 (asst chief), 34C3 (dep chief).
    Senior Captain is 34O1, junior Captain 34O2.
    senior Leut 34O3. junior leut 34O4.

    David Brooks, Firefighter, D/O, 1st Resp.
    Newmarket Fire & Rescue
    Newmarket, New Hampshire
    (All opinions are my own)

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    FirefighterReed Guest


    All the fire departments in our county are in an association so each station has a number running from 14-26. So the first number is how we are identified and also our station base then the next 9 are for trucks(nobody has over 6 trucks we are a small county) then the next 90 are for firefighters Here is how ours is set up at my department.

    Station Base 2300

    First due engine 2301
    Second due engine 2302
    (2303 is skipped it sounds confusing)
    First due tanker 2304
    Second due tanker 2305

    Chief 2310
    Assitant Cheif 2311
    Lieutenant 2312
    Captain 2313
    Safety Officer 2314
    Chaplain 2315

    FireFighters 2316 - 2399

    My number is 2321

    Find em hot......Leave em wet...

    Fire Fighters job is never done

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    Quint1Medic Guest


    If nothing else, the Total Quint Concept makes numbering easy...

    20 stations, 20 companies, 3 rescues, three battalions:

    Quints 1-25 corresponding to station (we're missing a few #'s in the middle)

    Engines 1-25

    Rescues 1, 2, and 3 (referred to in radio traffic as 31, 32, and 33, and don't they just love it)

    Battalions 1, 2, and 3 (51-53 on the radio)

    [Prior to the Coming of the Quints, the ladder trucks were numbered 1 through 9, with a radio designation of "forty-whatever" (e.g. "42")]

    The 60's are Training.
    The 70's are fire marshals.
    The 700's are fire prevention.
    81: Public Information Officer
    83: Safety Officer
    86-89: Arson Investigators
    The 90's are service, fuel, and mechanical trucks.

    The 100's belong to the crest of the White Wave

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    Whip Guest


    In my section of the county, no not even the whole county is the same. A town is given a letter code. My towns code is "R", this is followed by a number, this represents the fire station, or district in this town. Mine is district 1. Then the second number is apparatus type, 1-4 Engines or Tankers (some forestry), 5 Aerial Device, 6 Service,Utility, or Forestry, 7 Rescue, Ambulances 00.

    So this is my list.
    R-11 (Ledyard-District 1, Engine 1)
    R-12 Forestry
    R-13 Engine 2
    R-14 Tanker
    R-16 EMS Response Unit
    R-17 Heavy Rescue
    R-100, R-101 Ambulances (separate service)

    R-1 Chief
    R-10 Deputy Chief
    R-18 Asst Chief
    R-19 Captain
    R-19-1 Lieutenant
    R-19-2 Lieutenant

    Stay Safe.

    Lt. Whip FSI/EMT
    Ledyard CT FD

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    JimDWFD Guest


    Our numbering system for MABAS DIVISION 10 is as follows:

    A three digit: the first ID's the department
    the second ID's the station #
    The third ID's the type of rig
    A four digit: the first two ID's the dept.
    the third ID's the station #
    the fourth ID's the type of rig
    Rig ID types: Engines 1,2,3
    ambulances 4,5
    squads 6
    tankers 7
    brush or misc. 8
    trucks or quints 9
    For example: 631, the 6 Id's my dept. Darien-Woodridge, the 3 means it comes from station 3, the 1 tells it's an engine.

    Stay Safe

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    jj1967 Guest


    Being in the Army and moving every two years I've been on a few departments.

    In Cumberland County, NC they used a four digit system. First two numbers were the station, third number was type of apparatus, last number the number of the truck.

    0- Officers
    1- Engine
    2- Tanker
    3- Pumper/Tanker
    4- Brush
    5- Aerial Apparatus
    6- Utilility
    7- Medic
    8- Rescue

    ie 1031 was the first out Pumper/Tanker from station 10, 401 was the chief of station 4, etc.

    My home town has seven departments, each assingned a number. All began with the station number. We were Engine 43, Engine 44, Rescue 40, Chief 4. (Engine 44 was only the 4th piece of motorized apparatus in the Department's history, since 1882.)

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    iwood51 Guest


    My county is divided up into towns with each township having a number assigned, then each individual town having a unique identifier.
    e.g. my township is Brookhaven, which happens to be the largest in the county, and has 39 fire departments in it. My department is the 22nd alphabetically (don't yell at me, I didn't design the system ) so my department's identifier's are 5-22-xx
    5 for Brookhaven and 22 for my town name. It seemed like a good idea until they had to add departments in, so now one of my mutual aid towns is 5-A7-xx.
    After that everything is pretty much universal.
    Chief of Department x-xx-30
    1st Asst Chief x-xx-31
    2nd Asst Chief x-xx-32
    Captain x-xx-5x (51 captain company 1, 52 company 2, etc.)
    1st Lieut x-xx-6x
    2nd Lieut x-xx-7x

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    nubs84 Guest


    Royersford PA, Humane fire co. #1 Sta. 84
    We just switched back to numerical from plain speak.

    84-2-7 Pronounced eighty four, two, seven.(formerly engine 84-1)

    84-2-8 Pronounced eighty four, two, eight.(formerly engine 84-2)

    84-4 (formerly field 84)

    84-6-1 Pronounced eighty four, six, one,(formerly Rescue 84)

    84-1-6 Pronounced eighty four, one, six,(formerly LADDER 84)

    We recently purchased what would have been Squad 84 but it is known as 84-8-2
    84-5 CHIEF
    84-5-1 DEP
    84-5-2 ASST.
    84-5-3 CAPT.
    84-5-4 LUIT.
    9 = fire police

    While these are our truck numbers in montgomery county when we go in to service on mutual aid calls in bordering chester county we still operate under plain speak.

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    CFD14 Guest


    Ours is pretty simple.
    Engine 1, 1st out
    Engine 2, 2nd out(Quint)
    Engine 3, 3rd out
    Engine 4, Rural Pumper
    Tanker 1
    Tanker 2
    Tanker 5
    Rescue 1

    C1 is Chief
    C2 is Asst. Chief
    C24 is Svc Officer
    Capt's and Lt's are by last name.
    and firefighters by number.

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    Haligan125 Guest


    The center that dispatches us is a muncipal police dept and also disptaches 7 fire departments and 2 EMS srvices. Each town gets it's own base set of numbers
    for example. largest town, which is where the dispatch center is gets base 10 for example
    PD units are 100-125
    Fire Units are 130-140
    Fire Aparatus are Engine 10, 12, 13 and so forth
    then second town is base 20
    Engine 20, 21, 22
    Units 200-299
    3rd town
    Engine 30,31,32
    and so on and so forth
    The EMS units are
    EMS 1
    EMS 2
    and so forth

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    Brad Barton Guest


    IAFF Local 1889

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    Rob Guest


    Numbered apparatus by the station. Ours is 50 station and has 50 pump, 50 engine, 50 tank, 50 bush buggy, 50 emergency (rescue), 50 panel (auxiliary truck), and so on...

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    Capt. Skippy Guest


    Currently in the City we use "1000" series numbers.

    Police "1200" series
    EMS "1400" series
    Fire "1600" series

    Station 1 - 1601
    Station 2 - 1602
    Engine 1603
    Heavy Rescue 1604
    Grass 1605
    Engine 1606
    Ladder 1607
    Engine 1608
    Engine 1609
    Chief - 1610
    Asst. Chief -1611
    Capts. - 1612, 1613
    Lts. - 1614, 1615, 1616
    Then each firefighter has a number starting at 1617.

    The county departments use various "100" series numbers or station numbers.

    NWFD - 600
    Eldorado FD - 500
    West Manchester FD - 300
    Lewisburg VFD - Station 19
    West Alexiandria FD - Station 21
    Gratis FD - Station 18
    West Elkton FD - 800
    Camden FD - 400

    We have been trying to set up a renumbering plan where the apparatus would be linked to the station number. For example:

    Station 1 would have -
    Engine 11
    Engine 12
    Heavy Rescue 11
    Ladder 11
    Grass 11

    Station 2 would have -
    Engine 21
    Engine 22

    This would work for us having only a total of 9 stations in county and the first number would id the station, the second number the order of normal response for that type of apparatus.

    Here in the city we have been trying to use "plain english" because the dispatchers seem to not understand the "codes" anyway.

    For example, I went signal 33 (In service), signal 65 (In route) to a CO investigation. While in route we had a MVA with injuries. I called dispatch and said I was signal 37 (Out of service) the first call, signal 33, signal 65 to the second call. The dispatch acted very confused and then replied "1613 you are 37, 33, Inservice, 65 enroute to Code-4 (injury accident) on Washington-Twin Road." Talk about repeating oneself! I really threw her for a loop after estblishing commend, then turning it over to the Asst. Chief and heading back to the first call!

    Plain english is the ONLY way to go!

    Remember - Safety is a way of Life!

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    Clay116 Guest


    In my county in central Texas, the volunteer departments are numbered 1 - 9 with trucks being numbered with 2 digits regardless of their function. Individual people are numbered with three digits. Each dept. varies a little but here is a basic idea.

    23- city engine
    20- rescue truck
    27- brush truck
    29- brush truck
    28- county engine

    234- chief
    216- firefighter
    and so on. People get their number when they join and keep it no matter what position they hold, until they leave the dept. My dept. changes radio numbers for positions, 101 is Chief, 102 Asst. Chief, firefighter #s start at 110. Also, our trucks are numbered around the only paid dept. in the county's trucks. Our district surrounds theirs so we run a lot of mutual aid calls and we needed to clear up confusion.

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    One13Truck Guest

    Thumbs up

    Thanks everybody for submitting replies to the topic!!! All the pride in the departments can really be seen (and deservedly so)!!! But on a secondary subject as well: Plain language vs. codes, your opinions??? I seem to be outvoted on this one so far. I prefer all codes and #'s. What do you think??? But also, please keep the posts coming on the origional subject as well!!!

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