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    Question Has this happened to you?

    During the 57th District Baskeball Tournament in March in Magoffin County. I assisted the Magoffin County Rescue Squad with traffic and crowd control. While waiting I radio to the dispatcher.It went like this

    "436 to dispatch on Squad", but their was no answer. So, I tried it again,still no answer.

    So, I went back inside and one of the Squad members,who I will refer to as 121 told that the dispatcher could her me. Thats when I heard her say"436, go ahead with your traffic" and a did. " Is radio 10-2(able to copy" I asked" 10-4 She replied"

    It turned out, I had turned the volume down on my radio and forgot to turn the volume up.

    Well, enough about my story. My question is,

    Has this happened to you?


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    Philip C
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    I can't remember if it has happened like that, but there have been times that the volume has been accidentally turned low enough not to hear anything and after a while of silence, I realize this and panic , wondering if I've missed any traffic. That is not a good feeling! Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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    Brian Johnson
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    I just got my ticket punched to ride as an officer and we got a call of smoke showing from an aprtment complex. I was the first pumper on scene so got out with my handheld, did a 360 and proceeded to give a size up just like they taught us in school. I keyed the mike and said E221 on scene of a two story multi-family dwelling of wood construction. I have fire showing from the rear attached garage, E-221 is in fast attack mode have the next in company assume command. I waited for my 10-4 but it never came, I forgot to turn the radio on. I turned it on and mumbled something like 221 on scene smoke showing fast attack.

    Brian Johnson
    Assistant Chief
    Okinawa, Japan

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    That's just as bad as letting a buch of pre-schoolers look at the units, then right after that getting a routine call. Maybe elderly lady shortness of breath. Then after the patient is loaded and you switch from portable to mobile. And finding out when someone else's tones go off halfway to the hospital that the mobile somehow got turned up all the way when the kids were in there looking around. Old ladies can get some nice air time when that happens and they don't expect it, not that it ever happened to us or anything like that...

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