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    Cool Hello all

    I'm a nursing student in San Jose, CA. I'm wondering if I can elicit some help from any of you. I hope this is appropriate and I hope I'm in the right forum.
    I am currently enrolled in an intercultural communication course that requires a group presentation on a chosen culture. While a majority of our class has chosen to present information on ethnic groups such as Mexican Americans, Vietnamese Americans, etc., my group has decided to take a different (more fun!)approach and look into the culture of firefighting.
    What I am requesting is answers to some questions that our group has come up with to find out more about you! Our presentation is pretty specific and the questions reflect this.
    If anyone could spare a few minutes, please answer and email your answers to me at the email address in my profile, or just answer them here!
    Thank you very very much!
    Take care and be safe.

    1. Of what generation are you to this profession? (age is ok)

    2. What attracted you to firefighting?

    3. It's from my view as an outsider that firefighters are their own unique family. Would you describe the family structure within your firehouse? (all brothers? does one act as the father?, etc.)

    4. Is there a social status within your firehouse? What is the hierarchy? (titles?)

    5. How is work delegated within the firehouse? (who cooks, cleans, etc.)

    6. What does everyone do in their free time at work? (work-out, read, watch tv, etc.) I, as an outsider see firefighters as being physically fit, what kind of lifestyle do you lead outside the firehouse?

    7. Is there anything comparable to a religion within the firefighting profession? (are there special services or Chaplains unique to your group) What helps you cope with a loss?

    8. Are there any special traditions that are unique to firefighters? (holiday time, chili cook-off's, etc.)

    10. What role does humor play in your communication with each other?

    11. What is your responsibility to your community?

    12. What types of community contributions has your station participated in?

    13. Is there a contribution that you wish the public was more aware of?

    14. Are there any superstitions held by firefighters?

    Thank you again!
    See ya one day in the ER!

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    Cartersville Fire Dept Guest


    Well I believe that you should look for information in this detail at your local fire stations. I know that they would find the time to sit down with you or your group. I don't know about everyone on this site but I'm only on here for short periods of time and really just want to see whats going on in the fire service and maybe answer a short question. I have no doubts that your local fire stations would set down with you and give you a better detail of what you need for a report. Hope I could help. Sorry I didn't have time to answer everything.
    Captain Causey

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    RN Student Guest

    Thumbs up

    Thanks Captain, that was a very nice way of putting it! I understand what you are saying and I do plan on talking with fire service people in my neighboorhood today. I just wanted to poke around in here because it appears to be a reputable site with a lot of good information.

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    iwood51 Guest


    I have forwarded your questions to a friend of mine in my volunteer fire department. He is a paid firefighter FDNY Squad 288 and also an avid student. He is a great guy and I know he will take the time to respond to your questions. He is not a member of these forums. If you would like some insight from my end as far as a volunteer department feel free to e-mail me and I will be glad to help.


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    Cartersville Fire Dept Guest


    Thanks for your kind reply as well. I wish I could have helped more. I hope that you get all your information and do great on your report. E-mail me at and let me know how you did. Talk to you later,
    Captain Causey

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    Les.H Guest


    That's a fine list of questions. If you need to know the answers to those questions but from a UK point of view then let me know.

    Hope you get the info that you need

    Kindest regards & keep safe,

    Sprinkle (UK)

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