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    Wink Creating double post

    This is not a topic but maybe it will be helpful. I have been reading the post and see that sometimes people are creating multiple post. I think there might be two reasons for that.
    1. If you hit the submit button more than once it will make more than one post. Sometimes it takes the browser a while to take you to the screen where it says that you have submitted your post. Only hit the submit button once. If after a while you feel like it didnt post it, minimize the screen and open another Firehouse page to check.
    2. If you see that you made an error and want to correct it, or you want to say more. Don't use the button on the browser to go back. At the bottom of your post is an edit button. Hit that, it will take you back to an edit page.
    Hope this helps

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    Your just into everything! You'll be the webmaster before we know it.
    Take care!!!!!

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    OK OK. Tell me that when you see double post it doesn't drive you nuts.

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