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    Question Rural Water Supplies

    Does anyone have any ideas on how a person could get a rural community to force new subdivisions to install a full fledged hydrant system?


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    Can the local municipality pass an ordinance requiring this-I have seen this done in some areas.

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    Big T
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    Hello Thomas
    You would have to go to the town council that the subdivision are being anexxed into.. They would have to pass a resolution to add it to the new building codes. Then it is required for them to do it.. Any thing in the past would be after the fact... I agree it would be a good thing..
    Most developers don't want the added expense.. Plus a big old fire hydrant in front of a 175,000 dollar house is not a good selling point...
    Allot of the subdivision around here have a big pond in the middle of them.. We put in a dry hydrant so we can use them in case of a fire..
    I'm talking small community here (1500 people) If you have a bigger population then its the city council you have to go to.. We are still a town..

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    I don't think the municipality here has that authority-however I am compelled to check it out.
    Thanks ns..


    Yes I agree that a fire hydrant is not a great selling point, but I don't know that it is a deterrent either. With all the focus and hooplah about ISO, I was thinking that a hydrant system would be the way to go. Especially in a rural community. We do have several dry hydrants in our area, but not nearly enough.

    The reason I was asking is I know of some rural communities that have very strict building codes that are enforced. One example is a new mobile home can't be purchased without a sprinkler system installed. This also goes for any new site built homes. This helps the department and the community out significsntly with there ISO grade.

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    S. Cook
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    Hood County is putting a subdivision ordinance in effect that essentially requires a subdivision to put in hydrants if they put in a water system.

    Some things depend on the population of your county or adjacent county(s).

    What county are you in?

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