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    Curt Dawson Guest

    Post Questions???

    I was once told that the only stupid question was the one you didn't ask.So here goes:1)What are the differences between bunker gear and entry gear?
    2)What are the pro's and con's of leather helmets?
    3)Except for haz-matwork,what are the reasons for choosing leather pull-on boots over rubber pull-on?
    Thanks in advance for any and all reply's to this post!
    Curt Dawson

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    Cartersville Fire Dept Guest


    Well I don't understand for sure about the entry gear. I believe you may be talking about the addition of a positive pressure S.C.B.A. to your already complete set of turn out gear. That is what I would describe entry gear as.
    I personnelly don't see any difference between leather and regular helmets. They all have to meet the same safety regulations in order to pass the nfpa 1971. The only difference would be that leather is more traditional. I use a carins 10-10.
    Leather boots are more comfortable and lighter. They help you to work longer on the fire ground , you don't get wore out as quick.
    These may not be the exact answers you were looking for but I hope I helped.

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    Quint1Medic Guest


    "Turnout" or "bunker" gear is the stuff you see on your run-of-the-mill structural firefighter...pants, coat, hood, helmet. If you're wearing "entry gear," you look like you've been attacked by a roll of aluminum foil. It's the silver suit that's worn into really hot spots, like jet-fuel-involving fires at airports. It's also called a proximity suit.

    As for wearing leather helmets or boots, you can check on the Firefighter's Forum for a wealth of posts debating the pros and cons of leather gear!

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    Curt Dawson Guest


    Thank you for your answers they are greatly appreciated!

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