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    Question Point system

    I am looking for departments that have a point system setup for responding fireman to drills,calls,meetings,ect. I have seen a system like this in the past (magazine article) where points were issued & at the end of the year the firefighters could upgrade thier equipment based on how many points rec'd. I would be interested in any information other dept may have. thanks

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    Elchbulle Guest



    we make a list who was there for calls and drill ,etc.only for statistic but you cant say "You was there to 100 calls and you only to 10 so you dont get the new Jacket (or whatever)" because saftey first ! The man (or women) can hurt also at one of his 10 calls like the other with his 100 calls.
    I think saying in newspaper , that he was the best or hottest firefighter in town is good enough.

    With greetings Björn

    Volunteer Firedepartment Kiel , Germany

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    bob1350 Guest


    Our point system is used strictly for tracking the activity of members. Points for calls, meetings, training hours. We run over 4,000 total calls a year and a volunteer should average about 15-20 calls a month.(cancelled enroute counts) We are currently revamping the system to where its weighted to the type of calls each person goes on. As an example, medical calls might be 1 point, wildland fires 10.
    We used to give out small incentive awards for getting lots of points, but for some reason(I don't know) stopped this practice.

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    firefly1361 Guest


    We have a point system that we use. In order retain active status you have to have 50 points by the end of the year. If you dont have the 50 pts then you revert back to Associate status. You get pts for Fire and EMS calls, training, fund raising, and meetings. Also you get an automatic 25 pts for being on a committee. Hope this is a little helpful. If you have any other questions please feel free to E-mail me at Take care and stay safe.


    "If You go, We go"

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    morriss Guest


    We have a point system similar to firefly. In our system, to remain an active member, you must receive 100 points per year. These can be made from call responses (1/2 per call, 50 points maximum), training/drill hours (1 point per hour, 30 points maximum), raffle sales(2 points/book or 10 points for superraffle ticket, maximum 40 points) 5 points per night for our annual carnival, and 1 point per event for standbys, public education, etc.

    We also have a bonus for members with at least 15 years in the company. Then you need only 100 minus [years] for each year. For example, I have been a member here since 1982, so I need 82 points this year.

    No one who is truly "active" in our department has problems making points. For people who are better fund raisers than call responders, the point system allows them to participate in all areas to a certain degree.

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    Diane Guest


    We have a point system too. We have to make 25% of the total of all calls, drills, parades, meetings etc... in a month (which in turn means we have to make 25% of all that in the year). If there's a problem with this, the member is placed on probation and a letter is sent to his/her house and put on file. If they don't shape up, they're asked to resign so that they're not kicked out. We do offer a top 10 award which is very unfair because at least 3 of the 4 chiefs are on it every year -- you'd hope the chiefs would be active -- it's their duty!! We also have medical leave, school leave (for college students), business leave, and military leave. If I am not mistaken, the point system in NY has a lot to do with getting money (similar to social security) each month when a person reaches a certain age. It's how people are tracked for proof of activeness.

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