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    Post Aussie Vol Brigade Web update

    A Volunteer Brigade from Victoria Australia , check out our new stats and pictures and please sign our guestbook on the front page


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    It's amazing the people you meet in these forums ... especially when you consider how many thousands of people are here!

    G'day Paul! How are you doing? I'll catch you at the next big fire.

    Your site is looking great btw - I recommend people go visit it. The information re Ash Wednesday (a very tragic date for Victorian firefighters) is especially sobering and well worth a visit.

    BTW you might also like to update any links to my site for International Firefighters' Day as it has been upgraded and moved to: http://www.futureweb.com.au/edmondson

    Take care and stay safe


    Lt JJ Edmondson
    Clyde Cardinia Fire Brigade
    Victoria, AUSTRALIA

    I walk where the fire dances

    International Firefighters' Day:

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