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    Question Question for all EMS providers

    Hey Everyone I have a question for ya.... How many times when you are running and EMS call and you get on the scene and you are called the "Ambulance Driver". I get this all the time riding for the private company I work for and on 911. I could be riding the engine to a medic call and when we get there we are called the "Ambulance Drivers". Let me know...Take and Stay safe

    Heather Helm ff/emt-b
    Gamber and Community Fire Company

    "If You go, We go"

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    Way back, when I did part time gigs on the ol' meat wagon, I'd ben tickled pink if someone did call me an Ambulance Driver. Since this is a family show, I can't say what they did call me! Now-a-days, I don't understand what they call me, I don't speak Spanish.

    GOD is my Fire Chief, JESUS is my Incident Commander!

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    It bothers me somewhat that I am called an "ambulance driver", but that is what my partner and I take turns doing when alternating calls. What annoys me is when we are reffered to as a "taxi".

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    Over my years in EMS (31), I have been called many things, and "ambulance driver" is the front runner.

    I did use it to my advantage once.

    I was pulled into court on an accident case, and the lawyer asked my my name, address, and all that other stuff, and when he got to my occupation, I answered "Paramedic" and he said "oh an ambulance driver"

    I told him again I was a paramedic, and he repeated ambulance driver.

    So I said "let me explain it to you in terms even you can understand counselor. My standing in the community is that of a paramedic. Whether I am in the back with a patient, at the hospital helping the staff, or driving the unit I am a paramedic".

    "Just like in the community you are an attorney. It doesn't matter if your in court, taking a deposition, or chasing what I am driving, you are an attorney".

    The judge then looked (while still laughing) at the lawyer and told him "I think he has defined his occupation satisfactorily, don't you counselor?"

    there were no more questions about what I did for a living from him. Go figure.

    Ed Brando

    "Still serving, still caring."

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    hello firefly!

    jiffy here;

    Thought maybe you'd like a linguistical anthropologist's explanation for this phenomena.

    Actually the tendency to call you an Ambulance driver comes from the fact that 50 or so years ago when someone was in need of immediate transport to a hospital they first called their family doc (who at that time made house calls) and then the doc called the hospital or the guy hired to drive the ambulance who showed up and out you in the back and away you went.

    Even though times have changed and we now have amazingly gifted and intelligent people available for instant response who are educated and trained to give care people still associate the ambulance with the trip to the hospital and therefore the person driving or riding along is merely the operator of the vehicle.

    Hang in there guys..and gals...this type of a thing is usually generational and eventually with your help in educating the public will probably fade away.

    jipf )

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    I am not sure about the area you cover, but area I was in you would be happy to be called ambulance driver. First because that means they speak some English, next, they didn't take quite enough drugs because they realize that you are on an ambulance. And last their education level allows them to call you at least that.

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    be glad they call you a ambo driver in the dark they might think your a cop and you and your partner will need 2 aambo's UMD NJ

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