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    Question Live dispatch & fire/ems audio

    I am my fire dept's web master, click the link below to visit it (cheap plug). I have an iMac and a scanner and want to add a live County dispatch (as embarrasing as it is to listen to our County I still want to do it). Once I get the proper stuff to connect the scanner to the computer anybody have any suggestions on how to best go about adding the dispatch to the page??? Also I am looking for any pages that have recorded fire/ems audio on them if anyone would like to share some with me. I have quite a bit of Luzerne County stuff recorded to be put on our page once I find out how to get it compressed to a smaller size, but that's a topic for another time. Any help on these subject will be greatly appreciated!!!

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    Since you started, I guess I'll make a cheap plug also. Check out my company's page: www.laurelvfd.org for recorded audio from Prince George's County, MD as well as a few other MD counties. Another cool site to check out for live dispatch is www.thebravest.com which covers FDNY, Boston and Providence, RI. Hope things go well with your site. Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD www.laurelvfd.org

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    Hi! Greg Ricker recently added live dispatch to his Youngstown, Ohio site. You may want to take a look at: http://youngstownfire.homestead.com/...fireindex.html

    You can also visit Joe Lowry's YFD site at: http://youngstownfiredept.8m.com/


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    Don't know how you've made out since your post last year, but here are a couple suggestions.

    If you have a lot of available bandwidth at your scanner / computer site, you can use Winamp and Shoutcast, very easy to setup. Start by going to www.shoutcast.com and read on from there.

    If you are lacking necessary bandwidth, www.live365.com offers free bandwidth, and you can still use Winamp to broadcast to the Live365 servers for rebroadcast to the internet community.

    Onondaga County, NY has ours running with the second format, using Live365, and you can feel free to visit www.mcfd.org and follow the links to listen in.

    Hope this helps out, even a year later, and you can feel free to e-mail me at liveaudio@signal99.com if necessary.

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    Thanks for the replies lately!!! I forgot I even had this posted. I have had success with RadioDestiny, and it has been running for about a month to a month and a half now with only my stupidity causing the feed to end for a few minutes once a week or so. * L * I am looking into changing over to Live365 in the near future though. I just haven't set a date yet but I want to give at least a few days to a weeks notice before I do it so everyon that listens regularly knows it's going to happen.
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    Ouch! Haven't seen that URL for youngstownfire.com pop up in a while! The URL for the Live Youngstown, Ohio Fire Department is www.youngstownfire.com! Good luck on getting your department's audio up and running on the web.
    Greg Ricker
    Youngstown, Ohio, USA
    Webmaster, youngstownfire.com
    youngstownfire.com forums @ www.yngfire.com

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