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    Post County wide fire services

    I am currently trying to raise support in my county for a County Wide Fire Service.My reasons for this are simple.With a CWFS all citizens of my county would recieve the same protection,not just the districts with the most money.{we have some districts barely getting by.} Also we could lease trucks vs buying, thus new trucks every few years.And last but not least, faster response times by redeviding the districts, at no loss of revenue to anyone.I feel this would benefit not only the depts. but also the citizens as well.We already have a Sheriffs dept.& an E.M.S service that is county wide,why not the Fire service.If you are a member of a CWFS please tell me how it has helped or hurt your Dept. as well as your community.

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    Go for it. It will not be an easy task. We started in the early 80's with the same thoughts. You will find many na'sayers shouting change will destroy everything but they will have a very narrow vision for the future. In the end the dollars control. We finally succeeded in merging the five county fire districts by 1990, into the metro Sarasota Fire Department. Then worked with County Government to come under their wing and then worked with a 16 member citizen panel to merge the City of Sarasota with the County, In 1995 we became the Sarasota County Fire Department. We do fire and EMS so look that way also. Good luck John H. Albritton Fire Chief Retd.

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    Tell me this nozzle jock, How in the heck do you think that will ever work in montgomery co. when you can't even get one fire dept to sign a auto-aid or mutual-aid agreement?


    Watch what you say, somebody might be listening!

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