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    Question What the heck is going on !!!

    Has everyone not noticed the heading of this forum? This is the MEET & GREET Forum!!!
    When you register you come here to introduce yourself to the masses and they all say HI!
    There are a multitude of forums here to place your threads, why not put them where they belong!

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    I agree, put them out there for the world to see!

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    Hello from Bismarck-Mandan North Dakota.
    I am a full time EMT-Basic, and have been one for eleven years, and I am fixing to graduate from Paramedic school this March!
    I have been a long subscriber to Firehouse Magazine. Just now getting into the website. I am loving it!

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    Hello medic1 and welcome to the forum. Im a volunteer EMTB/F.F. and a full time 911 dispatcher here. Looking forward to reading your post here.God bless !!!!!


    911,what is your emergency

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