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    PSO Guest

    Talking The one who want to be a firefighter!!!


    I am delighted to join a forum that allows me to chat with so many firefighter.

    Although I am not a firefighter, being a firefighter is my childhood dream and I always strive for this goal. Over the past two years, I have applied for a fire officer position in H.K. and I had successfully passed all the interviews. However, I couldn't get an appointment because of some mishap.

    Recently, I have failed the fire officer interview again!!! This is the fourth time I apply for this position. I was so tired in playing this game (interview), I really want to be a firefighter! Hope that God will give the victory to me next time when I apply again.

    Just want to express my depressed sentiment!

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    FireRebel Guest


    welcome to the Forums! do not worry keep trying Ii am in the same boat along with many many others, just keep trying, hopefully that day will come.....stay safe

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    PSO Guest


    Hi FireRebel

    Thank you for your encouragement, I won't give up! I will try again because I treat the fire services job as my life-career.

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    firebox1 Guest


    Welcome friend, don't ever give up, My grandpa once told me that if you want something bad enough it will be yours and I believe that. God bless his soul. Good luck on your next interview.

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    PSO Guest


    Hi FireBox1

    Again, thank you for your encouragement, I also believe my diligence and determination will finally make the dream come ture. But sometimes I felt tired and hopeless because I always get the setbacks. Anyway, I will continue fight for this goal!

    God bless you too!!!

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    FFBill Guest



    Welcome to the forums... plenty of good info for you to digest.

    Sounds like your are determined which is very important. Do not get discouraged! Are you doing your homework? Make sure you go to the department in HK and talk to the newly hired firefighters and learn what they are doing that you are not. This should help you!

    Also, here in the states, there are classes on fire service interveiwing... maybe you can find something similar!

    Good Luck

    Fight Fire Agressivly but Provide for Safety First!

    Be Safe!

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    PSO Guest


    Hi FFBill

    I always be prepared to face the interviews and I have done many many homeworks before I went for the interviews. e.g. collect some latest information (such as what new equipments they had acquired, policies and duties of various sub-dept.) of the fire dept. as well as government policies.

    I believe what I had done were far more than other candidates!

    In HK, it is not common to walk-in a fire station and have a casual talk with the firefighters (because we are an ordinary citizen, we can't go in or out just like going to the market).

    Fortunately, I have a friend who is a fire officer, he always talk to me about their daily operations and tipped me on how to get pass in the interviews. I thank him so much!

    I think it is not a lucrative business in HK to run some classes specifically for fire services interviews, so there are no such classes in HK.

    Once again, thanks for your encouragement, I won't get discouraged because there are so many firefighters backing me here!!!

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    Just a couple of things that you may not have thought of yet. Did or can you ask the interviewing officers after the interview, what areas you could improve in and if your fire service knowledge was adequate. One or more of the officers may be only to happy to help an individual that shows initiative and desire. Let them know, "I want this job more than any other job and I am willing to work hard to prepare myself".

    "What did you learn on your last call"?

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    PSO Guest



    Thank you for your suggestions. However, in HK we don't have a chance to ask the interviewing officers after the interview. The only thing we can do is to answer the questions raised by the officers, then you can go home and wait for a letter telling you whether you can proceed to the next interview or failed. These practice was adopted during the second and final interview.

    Therefore, from the processes mentioned above, you can see I can meet the officers only once, then I never have a chance to meet them again. I do want to tell them I want this job and have more enthusiasm than any other candidates, but there is no channel for me to do such things!!! What can I do???

    One thing I want to point out is during different stages of the interviews, the officer seldom ask me about the fire services knowledge (because I am an outsider, unlike those who seek a promotion from the junior rank, so it is normal that you don't have comprehensive firefighting knowledge, but basic knowledge is prerequisite.)

    I learn nothing during the last call, because this is the fourth time I play this game!!! I have learned so much during the previous setback and I do improve myself to meet the requirement. Maybe the officers didn't like my face!!!

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    duerr2 Guest


    Keep trying...I know how frustrating it can be to want something so badly...It is within your reach!!!

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    niccolec Guest


    Welcome, I know if you don't give up your time will come. Determination is the key. Good Luck to you.

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    PSO Guest


    Hi duerr2 & niccolec

    Thanks for your encouragement, it made me feel so touched that you all gave me a great support!!! Thanks!!!

    Be Safe!

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    Fire29_1999 Guest


    PSO Hello from Montana, USA, Hey keep trying, maybe you can find something on the internet like the person earlier said about classes on interviewing, do they have volunteer fire departments anywhere near you? If so you could get some experiance that way. Or check out the closest University for Fire science classes. Kinda hard to help on this one being so far away, and not knowing how things work over there. Stay safe and keep trying.

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    dixiefire Guest


    yeah this is pretty cool huh.

    come check out I'm also there chatting

    Dixie Fire

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    PSO Guest


    Hello Fire29_1999

    I won't give up, I will keep trying until I success. Thanks and Be Safe!!!

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    RDWFIRE Guest


    Keep tryng PSO. You WILL make it sometime!

    Be safe. The dragon lurks!!!

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    Skidz Guest


    Like every one else has said " Do not give up". Have you tried letters of recommendations. Find people who you know your qualities and your work ethics and have them write a letter to put with you applications.

    Just an idea!!



    Montgomery County Division Of Fire/Rescue Services
    Member IAFF Local 1664

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    Engine 101 Guest


    Hello and welcome to the fourms hope you enojy your time here, Come chat with some junior Firefighters down in Fire Explorer and Junior Firefighting or talk with the big boys in thr Firefighting fourm.

    Tim Macias

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    PSO Guest


    Hello RDWFIRE & Skidz

    Again, thanks for your encouragement and suggestions. I hope I can really tell people that I am a FIREFIGHTER in someday.

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    PSO Guest


    Hello Engine 101

    See you in the Firefighting fourm.
    Thanks and Be Safe.

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    ladyfire Guest


    Hi there, Never give up on your dream! I will keep u in my thoughts, and prayers, that your dream will come TRUE!


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    PSO Guest


    Hi LadyFire

    Thanks for your blessing!!! By looking at your name, I guess you are an female firefighter, right? Anyway, happy to meet you here!!!

    Be Safe

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    FD 4 Guest


    Hi PSO, the only way I can relate to your problem is that I have failed several times to achieve a goal. Some of them I gave up on because I felt that is was not in the grand sceme of things. However, as my old football coach once told me, "If your going to play this game get off your butt and get out there and hit someone". I dont know if that would help but when I did get off my butt and hit someone I got a starting position on the team. Keep on trying, you'll make it.

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    PSO Guest


    Hi FD 4

    Thanks!!! I will remember your words and keep on trying!!!

    Be Safe!

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    Dave Duke Guest


    Sorry to hear of your lack of success - so far. I was reading through the 'Institution of Fire Engineers' journal today and noticed that the Hong Kong Branch had a significant number of members pass the 'Graduate' and 'Members' examinations this year. All of those were members of the Hong Kong Fire Service. You don't have to be a member of a Fire Service to join the IFE. I guess if you were rubbing shoulders with some of these guys, at IFE meetings, you would make some useful contacts. If you want information who to contact in HK, email me and I'll ask my contact in England to phone the IFE head office there.

    Don't ever give up!


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