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    Post Department Adoption

    I have seen in the different trade journals several cases where a fire department has "adopted" another. Usually a larger, career dept "adopting" a smaller, volunteer dept with limited resources.

    Recently I have had the privilege and misfortune to find myself at the helm of a smaller dept with very limited resources. We are not always able to provide satisfactory turnout gear or apparatus. Any ideas on where a smaller dept would begin looking for a well healed "big brother"?

    Thanks for your time

    Chris Justice
    Tiffin Fire/Rescue
    Tiffin, IA

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    Been there- done that, so to speak. That's the way we started. Check first with neighboring depts. - they very well may be throwing away, or stashing in a corner, things that you could really use!! As far as looking for a "well-healed" big brother, all I can say is Good Luck!! And Good Luck to your department!

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    Log on to www.emergencygrapevine.com there is a message board there titled "Adopt a Fire Department"
    Best to you.

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    Good Day fellow Iowan, not alot advice to give but stay in the game and keep fighting, Stay Safe

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