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    Wink training curriculum

    I'm the Training Officer of a rural fire department and I'm looking for suggestions for media to enhance my training. This is not a career department and I need to keep the training simple. There seems to be loads of information out there but selecting what is compatible with our needs is overwhelming. Any suggestions?

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    Just a few questions:

    What is your department like?? What is your call volume? What types of calls do you run?
    Do you run EMS Calls?? If so, how(first responder/bls/als). Do you have hydrants or are you dependent on rural water supply?
    What types of equipment do you operate?? Do you have good SOP's? Do you have automatic/mutual aid agreements in place. If so,when you call for help,What do you get? Is it what you want? or need?

    Basically, You need to examine the training needs for your department. There is tons of good stuff out there. The essentials manual is a good place to start BUT a lot of it may not apply. Do you have a local municipal dept that you can ask for help?? Call the training officer, Tell him what you are looking for, He may have it or know who does. How about your state training agency. The internet has a lot of info, you just need to sort through it and tailor it to your needs. Keep it basic and pertinent to your department. Oh Yeah, Don't forget to ask the members what they want training on, It might surprise you.

    If you have any questions, e-mail me.

    Good luck,


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    I'm also the training officer for a rural dept., but I can't improve on the previous statement!! Every dept. needs driver training, though, and I definitely can give you a great source for that class - the Volunteer Firemen's Ins. Serv. has a great course. I think I got it off of the usfa.fema.gov website - and there's lots of other good stuff there. If your area includes a lot of woodland, the forestry service can give good training. If your dept. is anything like ours though - the main training media has to be HANDS ON. Good luck!!

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