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    Question Federal Fire Service

    I am a 19 year veteran of the federal fire service and would like to converse with other Lead Firefighters about policies concerning discipline and mandatory overtime.

    James F. Johnson
    Fort Bragg Fire Dept
    North Carolina

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    5 year career fed firefighter, started as a GS4 temp at Naval Air Warfare Center Warminster, Pa.....Picked up at Phila Naval Shipyard as a GS5 Term, then converted to a career...RIF'd out of PNSY to Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. We just had the bomb dropped on us that the chief is considering forcing OT for missions such as stand-bys for shots, fire watches, etc....He has been approached by ARL, TECOM, and several other organizations here on post asking for FD support, and he has told them he can support with on duty staffing. Problem is he has taken on so many extra duties that he is running out of people...On duty staff is being used, thereby thinning out responding units to actual emergencies. Additionally he has not (as of this time) undertaken the required I & I bargaining with our union (IAFF F-267)

    Stay Safe.

    "Loyalty above all else."

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