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    hsfd738 Guest

    Question am I welcome

    Not trying to sound too sceptical but as a ( Dare I say )Volunteer Firefighter,I run accross some sort of predjudice because I dont get paid for the blood,sweat and tears that I leave on the fireground.
    I have been a firefighter for appx. 1 1/2 years so I wont even act like I am some super hero or anything. Just a person who wants to make a difference and do my part in this world! I , Just like you , go to sleep reveling in the lives that I/We touch and all too often am awoken by the ones that I/We could not. Paid or Volunteer the pride I feel is the same. So would everyone that reads this letter please respond with a welcome or not and I will accept your wishes.

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    SRVFD2 Guest

    Thumbs up

    WELCOME!! I haven't been on here too long, but I think you'll find at LEAST as many volunteers on here as Career. Hope you get lots of WELCOMES!!!!!!

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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest


    Welcome to the forums. Try not to paint everyone participating with the broad brush of intolerance due to the factor of whether you get a paycheck for doing what we all seem to love. Just like any other family we will argue, fight, and even occasionally make-up. I have learned a great deal in my 10 months of participation and found that a paycheck doesn't determine where the best answers come from.

    The few, the proud, the insane- Volunteer Firefighters

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    jalbritt Guest


    Welcome 738: I have been career for 35 years. I have worked with many volunteers and volunteered myselph during the early years, before the fair labor standards act came into effect for the fire service. No difference in fact volunteers give up a lot to help fellow citizens. I applaud their work. We still have over 80 volunteers with the Sarasota County Fla Fire Department working side by side with with 400 paid. They all put their lives on the line every day. John H, Albritton Fire Chief Retd.

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    Les.H Guest


    Hi, welcome aboard and greetings from over the 'Pond'. You will meet a lot of new contacts that are friendly. Don't worry, just join in and enjoy the site

    Kindest regards & keep safe,

    Sprinkle (UK)

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    Aerial 131 Guest


    WELCOME TO US!!!! I am a volunteer FF from Benton County Fire District #1, Kennewick WA as well, like YOU! I am also a career FF from IAFF I-24 Hanford Fire! And I am proud of BOTH!!!

    You bet you are welcome and anyone who can tell the difference when the turnouts are on must be an amazing mindreader.



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    truckie1794 Guest


    Welcome to the world of firefighting! May you be here a long, long, long time!!!

    Disregard the volunteer versus paid pi##*ng contest whenever possible. The fire service has countless good firefighters. That description knows no bundaries.

    Unfortunately, there are always some sh*t-stirrers in every crowd. Just do the job and don't get caught up in it. It's not going to change anyone's mind, anyway.

    When it's time to hang up your helmet, you have to look back upon your experiences and be satisfied. The regrets of such useless arguements are not worth it.

    Take care & stay safe!


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    I have been reading this forum for a few months and just recently became a member. One thing I have noticed however, is the useless argument of Volunteer vrs Career. I doubt your intentions are to stir that up, but you have to be careful not to fuel the fire. I hope you will find this forum as useful and profitable as I have, the exchange of ideas and discussions are invaluable. We can learn from each other due to our different experiences and techniqes, hope to hear from you soon and often.
    Does anyone know how I can change my username. I was'nt paying attention when I registered and I can't find a way to change it. You're help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Tell your family you love them, stay safe.

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    hsfd738 Guest


    I want to thank all that reply and hope to contribute when I can and to learn something from each and every one of you... Thank you.

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    duerr2 Guest


    Welcome, welcome, WELCOME!!! At least you have a department...I've got education and knowledge to share, but am unwanted...I appreciate your efforts!!!

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    emt786 Guest


    hello and welcome 738,weather your paid or vollie makes no diffrence.The only diffrence is some are fortunate to get paid for what they love to do.!!!!Everyone started out as vollies... Enjoy your stay here and welcome


    911,what is your emergency

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    ChiefJTL Guest


    All brothers are welcomed

    "Stay in the House"

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    niccolec Guest


    You are welcome. I have alot of respect for volunteers. There is not enough pay for the ones who are paid, but to do it for free makes you special.

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    hsfd738 Guest


    thank you all and I hope to be here for a long time !

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    CVFD26 Guest


    Welcome and like it has been mentioned earlier just Signal 8(radio talk for dis-regard in my dept)all the vollie vs paid bullshi%. I hope you can learn from everybody here

    George Hagerty
    CVFD and HCFR

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    Lt. Frank Guest


    Welcome 738
    My words to you are: Do not put yourself down because you read or heard someone elses bull s*** about being a volunteer. Hold your head high and walk with pride. The original firefightersin this country were proud volunteers and there are still more of them then there are paid professionals. By the way I am a paid firefighter and union. Keep up the good work.

    My views and my views only.

    [This message has been edited by Lt. Frank (edited October 27, 2000).]

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    pipeline Guest


    Welcome to the family all firefighters are cut from the same cloth wether we are paid or not i have been a volunteer for over 7 years and we do have some problems with our neighorbing "professionals" but we try to ge along

    the views expressed here in no way reflect the feelings of any orginizations that i belong

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    Fire29_1999 Guest


    Welcome,I to am a volunteer, but I also get a paycheck for doing what I love at my other job. Where I volunteer we are going through a change from full volunteer to combo with six full time paid and twenty-two volunteer, try that for politics and controversy. But like everyone else has said keep it up, do it for the right reasons for you, and most importantly stay safe out there.

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    htpeanut190 Guest


    Hey Welcome to the group. I have just resently joined into the firehouse forum here but have been a Volunteer firefighter for ten years now and I have great pride in the job I do. We all do the same job as best we can. Hope you enjoy the conversations here.

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    firemanson Guest


    I would say from the responses I have read you are welcome with open arms. I am not even a volunteer just fire brigade training for my job. My father was a fire fighter in Houston, Tx. for 14 years and I agree that you are special for doing it for free.
    Yes I feel that the fire fighters that are on the payroll don't get paid even close to what they are worth :MAD: but they are still there. Thanks

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    pgfd3554 Guest


    738...WELCOME.. to one of the most unique, respected and professional professions today. Being a volunteer vs being paid makes no difference, I am currently working on my 28th year and I have worked with good and bad in both the volunteer and career sides. Currently I am a volunteer in what I believe is still one of the most respected combinations departments in the Nation. The Prince George's County Fire and EMS department currently has about 1500 volunteers and 600 career personnel working side by side 24/7/365. While forces this large are never trouble free we have, through good times and bad ones stood strong in one common cause. I am proud to say I am a Volunteer and proud to say I am a member of such a department.....

    So WELCOME aboard, I hope you keep your head up, learn everything you can to become the best that you can be and as always BE SAFE !!!

    Rookie to Chief, been there done it, "JUST PUT THE FIRE OUT" !!!

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