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    Question Self Rescue

    I am a new Volunteer FF. I have asked several of my fellow FF's what the carry with them as standard equipment. Several have told me to carry a length of rope in case I am trapped and have to go out a window on an upper floor. Is there anything better? I'm thinking about going to an outfitter to have them set me up with a rig with some mountain climbing hardware attached. I would like this rig to be light weight and fit in a pocket. What do you use?


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    Diane Guest


    I have a knife and two flashlights, one on my coat and one on my helmet.

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    SRVFD2 Guest


    No substitute for the head on your shoulders. KY and TN - and hopefully other states - have begun a Firefighter Survival course required of all firefighters - I'd recommend a class like this to you before you invest in equipment.

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