Thread: HELLO!!!!

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    Lauralee_HotSS Guest

    Talking HELLO!!!!

    Hello...Michigan here =)

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    daysleeper47 Guest


    Hey Lauralee,
    Welcome to the board. How far are you in your training and where are you, or will you be, stationed? I come from a long line of military men(ALL USAF), unfortunatly I broke the chain . Hope to see your posts. I notice you have an interest in photography, me too...nothing beats catching a photo of a house just as it explodes, huh?. See ya around the board.

    "When the bell goes ding-ding, its time to get on the woo-woo."

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    jalbritt Guest


    Welcome Laura-Lee Sarasota Florida here. John H. Albritton

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    niccolec Guest


    Welcome, I am in Tampa, FL. Good Luck to you.

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    Lauralee_HotSS Guest

    Thumbs up

    I want to say thank you to everyone who has welcomed me to this board. I have received numerous emails and I thank everyone for being so supportive and helpful.

    Camaro SS: 11.89@120
    EMT/Fire Rescue Training
    U.S. Army
    Lauralee's Wonderland

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    Lauralee_HotSS Guest


    thanks everyone for the warm welcomes

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    htpeanut190 Guest


    Hey Laura Lee Welcome to the forum. Hope to see ya around.

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    Fyrball105 Guest


    hey, welcome to the house, hope you can add your knowledge, also pick up on some things done differantly through out the fire service.

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    Cntryb0y4u Guest


    hey everyone, im just out looking for some new faces, hope to see you all more often, and look forward to any of your informative, or in search of info posts :0)

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    FyreFyter402 Guest


    Hey, welcome...I just saw your webpage, love it. take care and be safe

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    Lauralee_HotSS Guest


    Camaro SS: 11.89@120
    EMT/Fire Rescue Training

    Lauralee's Playground

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    LuxRes907 Guest


    welcome aboard Laura!
    Suppose you cant wait for winter huh, darn cold and snow!!

    Jamie Tlachac EMT-I

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    firebox1 Guest


    hello lauralee glad u could join us here where at in michigan are u i'm from mt.Pleasant

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    tuliocesar Guest


    Hello Lauralee. Wish the best from Dominican Republic...A bit warmer down here.

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    MHurley Guest


    Morning everyone......Michigan here

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