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    The Phoebus Volunteer Fire Company in Hampton Virginia, has removed it's sirens from the station house.

    Technology changes and people complaints have silenced them.

    However, if there is a Volunteer Fire Department or Volunteer Fire Company in need of these sirens, Phoebus Company would like to see them placed back in service.

    What would be the cost to you? Your time and your fuel to come and pick these up.

    One siren is about 4 feet tall. It is a FEDELCO Circa 1940. It is powered by a 3 Phase electric motor.

    The other siren is about 2 feet tall, and 3 feet long. It was used to summon the Rescue Squad members. It too, is powered by a 3 Phase electric motor.

    Both sirens were sounded for the last time on this New Years Eve Past.

    If anyone is interested, please e-mail me with a phone number, e-mail address, or some way of contacting you.

    E-mail address is:

    Thank you
    Lt. John Cizmar
    Phoebus Volunteer Fire Company

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    Hehe - I suppose Australia is a little out of the question then???!


    Lt JJ Edmondson
    Clyde Cardinia Fire Brigade
    Victoria, AUSTRALIA

    I walk where the fire dances

    International Firefighters' Day:

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    I how I long for those sirens! I could put them on my walls in my dorm room for when a call comes in. I just walked around the dorm to see if anyone could give me a ride to Virginia, but it wasn't happening. Sorry I couldn't take them off your hands!



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