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    Wink You can sleep when you're dead!

    Hello friends!
    I've been a volunteer firefighter for 14 years. In addition to fighting fires, I have the privilege of coordinating our department's public education programs. My paying job is a police/911 dispatcher. I'm also a National Fire Academy instructor and a certified child carseat technician. Can I check your seat?

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    Welcome to the forums....you will become addicted to this site quite easy, where abouts in Iowa are you located?? Stay Safe!

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    Hi and welcome aboard the Forum pages. I am sure that you will meet a lot of new contacts here and if you need any info, them you are in the right place.

    If you are over the 'Pond' at any time then you can certainly drop in and check my seat.

    Kindest regards & keep safe,

    Sprinkle (UK)

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    Hi FireRebel!

    I'm from the northeast part of the state--the prettiest part of the state.

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    Welcome Again to the forum
    I too will tell you that it is addicting.
    Have fun!

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    I will agree with you on the NE being the " prettiest" in the state....stay safe

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    Hi, welcome from Montana, I have relatives in northern Iowa very pretty.

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    Hi FFAnne. Welcome Sarasota Florida here way south East of you. I hope you enjoy the forums. JHA

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    Thumbs up

    Welcome!! I'm really impressed that you are a NFA instructor!! Didn't think that fell within the realms of we volunteers, so you must really be a good one!! I don't know much about child carseats - other than being glad that people like you can make sure they're safe for my grandkids!! But I sure do enjoy working on the public education programs!! I'd like to know what NFA classes you instruct.

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