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    Cool whats your firefighting nickname,how did u get that nickname?

    hi my name is joey sutton
    and the people in my department calls me porn..thats what it says on my turnout suit..i got that name a while back when i was still in the acadamy..i was up in the hose pull/drag...my turnout suit was a borrowed one so it was pretty big on me and well for some reason i wasnt wearing my overalls and it sort of fell...hehehe...its pretty embarassong to think about it now but what are your guy's nicknames and how did u guys get that nickname?

    asta pasta

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    I got the nickname Sponge because as a proby, I never left the firehouse dry.

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    Red face

    My nickname is wrongWAY. I got it driving the engine to a mutual aid fire. They told me to turn left, I did, but they meant my OTHER left.

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    I got labeled Break-N-Entry or "B-N-E" because there just ain't no door, lock, or car hood made that I can't open in a snap.

    Remember: It's not the tool, it's the guy that's using it. Practice, practice, practice!

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    I have a couple.

    SMOKEY - Just a name that one of the guys started calling me...it has stuck with me for 7 years

    HotSS - 2 reasons...Hot *ss, and because I drive a red camaro ss.

    Camaro SS: 11.89@120
    EMT/Fire Rescue Training

    Lauralee's Playground

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    I've had 2. In my first department, they nicknamed me "Augie", as in "Augie Doggie" from the old cartoon. My dad, who was in the company for 30 years when I joined, was, of course, "Doggie Daddy"

    In my second department, I was turning the engine around in the firehouse parking lot during a thunderstorm at 5am (after returning from a call) when I backed over a dog that belonged to one of our members. I never felt it. We left for another call (a good job) and while cleaning up at another station, I found out about the dog. Evidently he did feel it. It earned me "Lt. Dog Killer".

    I love this job!

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    Rebel......due to the fact I am a huge James Dean fan....

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    I was Princess Di or Lady Di up until Princess Diana was killed....Somehow after that I became Blondie, only because I have blonde hair, and it's stuck ever since.

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    My nickname is "CHEECH" because someone in the department thought that this little Italian face looked like Cheech Marin. It's stuck with me ever since.

    Ed Brando

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    East Haddam#1firefighter
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    My name is Shawn Daigle and everyone in my department calls me BIGSHAWNYD.. I dont know why but I think it is cool.. They started calling me that shortly after I got sworn in and is has stuck ever since..

    Shawn Daigle
    East Haddam F.D.
    East Haddam Connecticut

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    Well I will give you a few

    Hoss- I'm a midwest country boy
    Skidz- Lastname
    Tex- I wear a cowboy hat
    Big Country- My size
    Skidmark- Lastname
    BIG HURT- My size (thats what I do).

    Mike Skidmore


    Montgomery County Division Of Fire/Rescue Services

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    In my first DEPT. I was given two nicknames.
    It was my first year on the dept. and on a fire call I couldnt make it up to the top of our water truck. It was slippery and with bunker gear it was hard for me to do. The guys started to call me Lil' Bear Cub.

    Then one one call I was telling the guys a joke and used a good Chinese voice...from that day on they called me GRASSHOPPER and folded their hands and bowed.

    D. Hager
    West Trail Amb. Svc
    Mayville FD


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    J Almon
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    Got hit in the head with a bucket of frozen chitlins at a meat truck fire early one morning. Do not try this at home....
    Remember to always wear your helment - you never know when a flying bucket of chitlins will land on your head.

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    I've been known as "Jump", cause I am always the first one to jump on the truck when the call hits.

    Take care,


    If in doubt - Call us out

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    Murdock, From the crazed pilot on the A-Team he was always wearing a hat, When ever I'm around I always have a hat on!!!!!!!, A friend of mine's nickname is exploder he is with the Sierra Madre Volunteer Fire Department, Me I am from the Monrovia Fire Department

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    I got "Ferrit" after a few rescues. Our firies couldn't fint into some small spaces. There is an advantage to be skinny!

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    Fire boy was given to me by my Lt. Im a junior member/mrt (i do what everyone else does) because im still a kid and it stuck with me. We have another guy in our dept. we gave him the nick name hick boy. He comes to the station in scuzzy farmer close and was once tol not to come on a call because he looks like a hick. so it stuck with him.

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    It was the very 1st call I ran with this department. We were in an open-cab pumper & I had put all my gear on & put my work boots up next to me in the seat. When I was squeezing into the airpack my boots fell off the truck. Luckily someone picked them up & returned them. That is how I was named " Shoeless".

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    G,day from down-under, I have picked up several nicknames over the years:-
    smokey - from team-mates playing soccer
    tea-belly - because I'm a big tea drinker
    dusty - I have uncle's called darky,curly and bullet and my dad's called ginger.
    ben - because my last name is Dover [un-fortunately] and brother to Eileen [ha,ha]got that n/name about 30 minutes into training college.
    smiley - after guy smiley on sesame street.

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