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    I would like to say thank you to all the people that risk their lives everyday for others and their property. You deserve the utmost respect of all communities where you work. My father was a fireman in Houston, Tx. for 14 years and was at Station 7 when he left. Hearing the stories when he would come home was fascinating at an early age but as I got older, and after he left the fire department, he would tell me some of the things that he had to do that you don't hear about. Some were pretty gruesome and one story brought tears to his eyes of pulling a child out of a building after the fire was extinguished because when they arrived it was fully involved. He said he cried bringing the child out. He was very lucky in the fact that out of that 14 years he only got a second degree burn on the side of his face from a gas station fire when he slipped in the foam. There are alot more safety features and precautions in effect now that weren't when he was there.
    You people have my greatest respect for laying your lives on the line for others.
    I view Firehouse.com alot because my 2 yr old enjoys looking at the fire trucks. He has even gotten to take a ride on one here in Granbury.
    Where I work my position requires me to be trained in fire fighting. I work at a power plant and probably the biggest threat we have are some big 22KV transformers and hopefully they don't ever catch fire but we have the training to deal with it.
    Again I thank you!!
    Feel free to email me if you want.

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    Thanks Firemanson for making us all feel good!! Hope you can remember some of your father's "good-ending" stories to pass on to us in the future!!

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