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    My 2 yr old suffers from febrile siezures sometimes and I was wondering if when you call for an ambulance can you tell them to take you to another hosital in another town or is there a requirement that they have to take you to the nearest one even if it is not life threatening?

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    I live in Louisiana, but my EMT is a TX registry.

    TX law states that as long as you are the legal guardian of that child, you can direct the arriving EMS to the emergency care facility of your choice. That is your right just as if you were the patient, you could choose which hospital you wished to be transported to. Of course, a solution is to have your child immediately treated at your local hospital and then as soon as he/she has stabalized, you can then have him/her transfered to the hospital of your choice.

    It all depends on the level of care that is provided by your local FD/EMS and local ED. If your child requires intibation or advanced medications and your EMS cannot provide these procedures, then you would want your child at the nearest hospital to get such care and then transfered to a larger hospital.

    I would recommend that you visit with your local EMS provider. Learn about their capabilities to handle your child should a situation arrise. Also, by letting them know that you are in their area, they will be better prepared to respond to your address in an emergency situation. Also, visit with your local hospital to learn the level of care that they will be able to provide for your child. When a situation arrises and your child must be transported, you will be educated and rehearsed in your decision for your child's care.

    If you need anything or have any more questions, please feel free to e-mail me.


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