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    Danny Beebe Guest

    Lightbulb throw aways

    I just heard of a larger department that was ordered by thier chief to destroy some used equipment rather than give it away. I know that there is a liability question but surely some legal documents could be drawn up and signed that would take care of that. Turn out gear could surely be cleaned and reused. There are so many smaller depts. that are struggling just to survive. Help by saring.


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    firefightersam Guest


    There is a non-profit organization called Helping our Own that will recieve equipment from any Dept. and restore or repair And then donate it to small Depts. that cant't afford to purchase it.
    You can learn more about this organization at
    If your Dept. has any equipment that it is not using please check out this organization.
    By donating to this organization the possibilty of a law suit is taken away.
    Please check it out.


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    comwhite Guest


    It may be a legal question also. Some municipalities require advertising "surplus equipment", and depending on what you have it may be less expensive to throw it away. I know it's stupid, but that's government.

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    duerr2 Guest


    It angers me that the "powers that be" allow small volunteer departments to provide fire protection service with out dated, ill-fitting, mis-matched turnout gear that is probably more of a hazard than a help. I know some guys that have a lot of heart but no budget...I honestly hope that none of them ever leave us because their equipment was such a mess!

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