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    Danny Beebe Guest

    Lightbulb throw aways

    I just heard of a larger department that was ordered by thier chief to destroy some used equipment rather than give it away. I know that there is a liability question but surely some legal documents could be drawn up and signed that would take care of that. Turn out gear could surely be cleaned and reused. There are so many smaller depts. that are struggling just to survive. Help by saring.


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    Troy Haskett Guest


    I understand your idea, I once had the same, you have to rember, on some departments you may have a larger run load, which means, the eauipment gets used more. Fire gear on the other hand will not last forever, Idealy it should be replaced about every 5 years or there abouts..Of course if it is used more, been in several fires, sits in sun, not washed properly, it won't help the next user but actually give them a false sense.
    I can see why they say destroy it, they don't want the liability, nor do they want to see or hear of someone getting the equipment and getting hurt or killed.

    Be Safe

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    firehat87 Guest


    In Texas a department can donate their used equipment to the state forest service, which assumes all liability, refurbishes the trucks (to a state of operational safety), and distributes them to needy departments. We have not participated, but I have heard many times that it is very succesful.

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    pipemen Guest


    Hi, gad to hear that they re cycle the trucks and stuff. Lots of fire departments give their eqeiment to other department both in states and out of states. In some states the prisons rebuild em and do a damn good job at it. Be safe Tim


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