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    Question Volunteers point of view

    Looking for input!

    Lets say you were to get 30 minutes to spend with your local elected officials. In that time what issues/concerns would you present to them.

    Next month I will be at a fire summit with many other folks who are in the fire service arena. I will be representing Counties, and what I may feel of utmost importance - you may not. And That's Okay!

    That is why I am here to ask you folks from other parts of the US - what do you see as problems in respect to Counties - AND what recommendations could you offer. How could Counties (local governments) better help you.

    Something I've learned in my career is that one does not get very far by pointing fingers or placing blame. Where you can achieve great lengths is when you take the time to educate and inform those who you've elected. They work for you.

    If you have issues/concerns - in respects to local government and the volunteer fire departments - I want to hear from you. I want to represent ALL counties - not just mine or my states.

    Thank you.


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    Well this is a good start and I hope You get allot of feedback.

    The biggest concern that I face here in Texas is the lack of authority that the county government's have. In Texas if you don't live in a county with over 250,000 people or ajacent to one, this was added two years ago, you have no jurisdiction to use any kind of building codes or subdivision enforcement that would require developer's to put in infa-structure to support fire protection. They's folks are coming into the rural areas and putting in vast developments with narrow streets and no fire hydrants. Then the people that are moving in and holding the F.D.'s responsable for their poor insurance rate's.

    I don't know what can be done to coorect this problem, but I know here in Texas by the time a county gets 250,000 people the problem is already out of control. They put an addition into this a couple of years back to help with the problem of big developers that were going into the next county at the line to by-pass the reg's. Our county is adajacent to Travis and it is over the 250,000 mark, but we had so much grandfather construction underway then and even now that we are getting strarted with our reg's(this can't happen over night), we are so far behind that It will cost our tax payer's a furtune to upgrade.

    In closing I will say again I don't know if anything can be done about this from what you are doing, but this is a real problem here that we are trying to solve.


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    Karoline: James has a good point. Developers get away as cheap as they can on fire safety issues but when they make their money they are gone and some fire dept. has to protect the area. It is proven over and over that proper fire protection devices save lives and property. Fire Sprinklers residential and commercial, mandated smoke dectors, adequate water supplies, good building codes are all needed along with a fire dep't to safely protect a community. Big-John

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