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Thread: Old Apparatus

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    Post Old Apparatus

    Some friends of mine and myself are looking for a 1962-65 GMC Yankee (preferably L.A.FD) wildland tank wagon, any ideas of where (on line) to look?

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    Steve Hagy
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    You might try posting "Wanted" ads or looking at the "For Sale" ads on these sites:

    Unofficial SPAAMFAA Web Site: http://wsfire.com/spaamfaa/ Free Wanted/For Sale Ads

    SPAAMFAA Web Site: http://spaamfaa.org/

    Hammerdown: http://www.hammerdown.com/fire.html Free Wanted/For Sale Ads

    Fire Museum Network: http://www.firemuseumnetwork.org/fmn/index.html Free Bulletin Board

    Good luck finding your wagon......

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    Engine 101
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    You can e-mail somebody in the department that is a member here is e-mail is lafd4me@aol.com or go to this web site http://members.aol.com/lafdweb/
    Well good luck on your search and hey where is Dublin? I am from Monrovia.

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