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    Bobby Lukhard Guest

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    Anybody out there have any experience in implementing TQM(Total Quality Managment) in their career or combination departments?

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    fireman703 Guest


    Yes. It must be modified becouse we provide a service and dont actually make anything. I feel it is unnecessary and overlycomplicated method of convincing everyone in the chain of command to be receptive to everyones ideas from the most to least experienced. If someone has an idea, dont analize it too much, just experiment with it and see if any or all of the idea will work

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    nsfirechap Guest



    I was on the ground floor getting TQM implemented in the Air Force FD I wsa in at the time. and have extensive traiing in in. Bottom line, takes some time to change old ideas - sell the idea and make sure that EVERYONE knows their input is important. Despite what some say, in my opinion the process can work - as I've seen it in action-both good and bad. Feel free to email me with any questions. Best to you.


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