I am sorry to bother you all, but I just came from one of our schools that presented a cd that the students produced in honor of our Worcester 6, some of whose relatives teach and attend the school. Many firegighter families attend the school and partook in the production. It is a beautiful cd, with all proceeds going to the local Red Cross in gratitude for all they did to support our Firefighters and their families during the tragedy. There is original poetry, songs sung and written by firefighters, families, and sung by the Worcester Firefighter's Children's Chorus. Our Pipes and Drum brigade with Going Home, Amazing Grace, excerpts of WSRS Tribute. Kennedy's Memorial Speech, and more. This was produced by Worcester's children, our future heroes. I am biased because I am on the School Committee here in Worcester, but I know you will feel Worcester's love for all of your heroes,too. If there is any interest in the CD, let me know. And thanks again to all of you who came to help us here in Worcester, you are OUR heroes, too.
Kate Toomey


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